No taxation without representation

Tennessee GOP begins expulsion process for 3 Democrats, House session devolves into chaos

Monday night’s House session turned chaotic amid action over resolutions to expel three Democratic members.

As I understand it these 2 representatives represent some 80,000 voters, who now have no representation.

Perhaps these taxpaying voters should withold their taxes, until the house allows for representation.

If the GOP majority plays hardball, perhaps the public they do not serve should respond in kind.

From what I read in French med as, only the two black were expelled.

As far as I understand, the motive was that they led demonstrators in the local parliament. I am not sure it was appropriate. But then, some Republican legislators in Washington, should have been ejected from Congress.

In France, a congressman can be fined, suspended for a limited time, or other punishments. But he cannot be expelled from the parliament, except by a judge, after a penal criminal trial and only for specific offenses.

When one has been elected by the people, one should be protected.

The white woman did not have a bullhorn and was not quite as active as the two men, but, anyway.

They boke a rule, but those rules are not that clear, and the video of them shouting with the protesters is incomplete. It was not a fair hearing by any stretch. There’s also the issue of equal use of the punishment. Worse infractions of rules have gone unpunished in the past.