G'day from Oz

G’day from sunny South Australia Currently overcast , with a promise of rain, thank goodness…

I chose my user name because I believe in truth in advertising.

I’ll jump in as soon as I have a feel for the forum .In my experience, every forum is the same but different.


Hey Patrick,

We just got a huge dump of snow on the weekend. Australian weather is a distant dream for us Albertans.


A belated welcome from SW Colorado, I can relate, early this week finally had some nice rain storms move through, that was great, not seen enough of those around here on the Dry Side. Though had a good late winter snow storm, so over all its better than past few years. You know how it goes.

Water troughs were overflowing, harvesting that water by the bucket tossing it under trees to spread it’s goodness around. Use it while you got it. Now it’s back to dry and clear skies.

I’ve enjoyed your comments, hope to see more.