Considering the futility of trying to communicate Climate Science to hostile minds

Some year end thoughts regarding my substitute for pissing into the wind, trying to communicate with folks who prefer their climate ignorance to Earth based facts. But I’m just about to bump through 200K visits at my blog and though I appreciate it doesn’t really mean a thing, I feel like sharing my final shot for 2015.

Another year has come and gone and what do we have to show for it? More Earth observations confirming that our 'global heat and moisture distribution engine' is in a state of increasing transition towards a hotter more energetic regime. More climate science and communication outreach programs. The COP21 climate agreement in Paris? To be honest, I have no idea what it actually means or how it will impact the climate or me, and I doubt anyone else does either. What about the most important thing? Did we as humans in a global society learn anything? Have the folks who've been battling climate scientists moderated their outlandish attacks in light of what's been happening before our eyes? Has the Republican PR machine slowed down enough to learn anything? ClimateDepot's (and Senator Inhofe's pal), Marc Morano is happy to supply the answer: Looking at that picture I can't help wondering, did Marc transport that thing over there for this one show of utter in-your-face contempt towards people who think our finite physical planet is worth worrying about and conserving? His display of contempt underscores a profound disconnect from the physical realities of our planet. These people remain in love with their Reaganomics mantra of Greed is Good and Too Much Is Never Enough - they can't see through the lie because they are on top of the heap and honestly don't give a rat's ass about the rest.
It really is that simple. It's why observation and fact-based rationalists continue losing this "debate" - which is supposed to be a learning process, not a PR game. Learning requires a mutual commitment to follow certain rules encompassing honesty and allowing facts to take one where they will. Mistakes are for learning from, not bludgeons for attacking. Notions that have been resoundingly exposed as false and rejected, don't keep getting recycled, they are abandoned. Facts are not misrepresented and corrections are taken into account and built upon. Slander, character-assassination and malicious dirty-tricks is criminal. Learning about our home planet requires a mind that can imagine and conceptualize our physical Earth as a real, infinitely complex entity, more living than not. A planet with a magnificent four and a half billion year old life story that informs today's world in every way. A precious thing that deserves (and these days requires) our understanding, appreciation and nurturing, or we lose. Earth can recover, we can't!
I think we need to face the fact that we are dealing with people who have no conception for any of that. Nor do they care to. They don't want to see outside of their own self-absorbed worlds. How do we address that? Rather than trying to understand the fantastic creation around us, they choose to hide within ancient "holy books" as though that and the struggles within their heads/hearts were reality while our physical world outside were a thing of fantasy. After that, what is left? Tribalism, obsessive pursuit of self-interest and conjuring enemies? In a shrinking world it's a bad recipe. Of all the wonderful things we humans have achieved, we've failed ourselves by failing to incorporate an attitude of friendship toward the greater Earth and it's creatures and her processes, into our 'weltanschauung.' Elevating the awareness of our Earth's biosphere to the status of a member of the family circle, or even a religious object. Why not!? We were born out of it, and we depend upon it for everything, and we are going back to it when we die! It sure beats the ego-trip of presuming one understands the Mind and Will of the God of time and creation. But no, instead our society considers Earth a commodity to be consumed as fast as possible. Which brings me back to Marc Morano the oh so proud spokesman for that attitude. He has done as much as anyone to reinforce public ignorance regarding what manmade global warming is doing to our world. This is what we are up against. This is followed by a collection of informative articles regarding this champion of crazy-makers Marc Morano

Oh and here’s the same scene from a slightly different angle.
Seems their “gala’s” are as much a farce as their arguments.
(image courtesy of Baerbel W)