New DOTUS/DOJ rule

The day after the Trumpublican Senate acquitted T rump in their no-trial Impeachment, the DOJ implements a new rule to protect our DOTUS. Beginning immediately there will be no investigation of any Presidential Campaign unless it is first screened by Bill Bahr. So, e.g., if the FBI gets word that T rump is colluding with Putin to undermine the next election, it will NOT be investigated, because Bahr will squash it. Barr tried to squash the investigation that started the impeachment process due to a whistleblower, but it got past him. That won’t happen again. Not only will Barr refuse to let the DOJ or any of the underling agencies investigate anything about the T rump campaign, he will have the opportunity to insure that any potential investigations never see the light of day.

T rump did not have this power when he became POTUS initially. He has this power now that he is DOTUS. He has a DOJ that exists to protect him and his interests and to help him “win” the upcoming election.

"The (new) guidelines also require that the FBI inform department heads of any plans to open other “politically sensitive” investigations, such as probes into congressional campaigns or illegal campaign contributions from “foreign nationals.”

IOW Barr can let thru whichever investigations that may damage other campaigns, while squashing investigations that might damage the T rump campaign. And this can be done by Barr, potentially, without us ever knowing what investigations were squashed.

If we don’t pay very close attention, we will likely miss these kind of moves that will enable our DOTUS to cheat however he wishes in his perpetual campaign for 4 more years. 4 more years in which to consolidate his dictatorship.

How about an amendment to the Constitution that impeachment will require, in both the House and the Senate, a majority of both parties? Or maybe a majority of both parties in the House and a 2/3 majority of both parties in the Senate.

We need to make changes to protect our way of governing from extreme partisanship - on both sides.

Bob: We need to make changes to protect our way of governing from extreme partisanship – on both sides.
Not going to work. If two people don't trust each other to do the right thing, no contractual arrangement will work. From here on in, American politics will be reduced to one side crushing and subjugating the other. Freedom of thought is over.