Latest republican obstruction of justice

One more time the White House and its ass kissers in Congress have attempted to obstruct a legal investigation into a sitting US president.
The first obstruction of justice was trump firing FBI Director James Comey making it clear he did so to end an investigation into his activities with the Russian government. The second obstruction was the White House trying to use Uranium One issue to obstruct Robert Mueller in his legal investigation, then claiming that the FBI broke the law in obtaining trump transition team emails that were stored on government servers with zero expectation of privacy as was explained to them before they used government email accounts.
The latest attempt at obstruction of justice involving the legal FBI investigation into trump and his collusion with Russia was by republican Representative Devin Nunes who wrote a legal memo almost certainly at the prompting and with the participation of the trump White House. This alleges that the FBI investigation into trump which started with Carter Page is illegal because it originally used a dossier compiled by a firm that was originally hired by the DNC to investigate trump. Claiming that the judge that issued the warrant to the FBI was not informed of this. Even though it was contained in a footnote in the warrant application.

Republican leaders are acknowledging that the FBI disclosed the political origins of a private dossier the bureau cited in an application to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, undermining a controversial GOP memo released Friday and fueling Democratic demands to declassify more information about the bureau’s actions. At issue is whether the federal probe into the Trump campaign's Russia ties is infected with political bias, as Republicans say — or whether the GOP is using deceitful tactics to quash the probe, as Democrats insist.
Lying and misleading Congress and the DOJ in an attempt to protect the president from officers of the law acting under the aegis of the courts is obstruction of justice. Every time trump and his people try this and fail it just makes them look more guilty and implicates more people in trump's original treason. People will go to prison over this...