Meet White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

I’ve had a chance to watch videos of Psaki taking questions, particularly the way she handles the right wingers from NewsMax and FOX. I’ve wanted to share one every now and then, but haven’t yet. Then I watched this today, she seems so real, intelligent, competent, self-confident, but no fat head, down to earth and focusing on doing the best she can. - As opposed to all too many of today’s political posers, who have no real substance or character, only self-serving performances, image and manipulation.

I thought it would be a wonderful introductory post and with time I’m sure there will golden moments worth sharing over here.


Psaki: I can't let briefing room become a forum for propaganda

CNN - June 6, 2021

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talks with CNN’s Brian Stelter about taking on the job in the wake of the Trump administration and how she deals with news outlets who push debunked propaganda and are often hostile to the Biden administration.

I like Jen Psaki. She is real and nowadays that is so rare among political figures. Go Jen , you are an asset to the Nation.