Looking for wireless earbuds that do not have the rubber ring


First of all hope this is the right place where is can post, if not please let me know where can i go.

I am looking to buy some wireless earbuds that do not have that horrible rubber ring taht fits in your ear, basically something similar to the air pods, plain plastic. I thought about getting those but i’m not a big apple fan and since I do not have an Iphone i’m not sure how they will interact with other smartphone models.

I do not care a lot about the sound quality, something average would work, but i do care about the mic performance as I will use them for calls.

Just to be even more specific, i do know about the foam rings option, but i do not feel like it would solve my problem.

Hey so it’s not spam.

But I fear you have asked the wrong crowd of people.

I’d trying asking ‘Google’ bet you’ll get further.



PS) I can relate though, good ear plugs seem few and far between. But then none of our ears are exactly the same shape, so guess there’s a good reason so many ear plugs are more pain and hassle than listening pleasure.