Cool app for anyone with an old iphone they dont use anyore

This is not exactly a typical CFI post but I thought it was interesting. Our house alarm went off last week when my wife and I were both at work. We had no way of knowing if it was real or a false alarm ( it was false). Neither of us could leave work so we had to be concerned the rest of the day that we were going to walk into a ransacked house when we got home. The cops always respond but they get so many of these that they never even get out of their car.
I decided to look for some way to monitor the house without buying an expensive video system and found a cool app that turns your old iphone or ipad that may be sitting in a drawer from your last upgrade into a security camera which sends you short video clips whenever it detects motion. Its all free and seems to work pretty well.
So if you have any old apple iphones, ipads, or ipods and you have kids, a house , or a pet you want to keep and eye on during the day it might be worth looking at. Didn’t mean to sound like an infomercial but I thought this was worth sharing and free is always a good thing.
Here is the link:
and the app is in the app store. Its called Presence.

Thanks, that looks promising.