List of the 50 richest pastors in the world (2016)

God bless the prosperity doctrine,
or the marriage of fathomless greed and self-aggrandizement with human gullibility.
EGO as God in its most hideous incarnation.
How they decided to start the list with Bill Moyers is beyond me.

He graduated from the University of Texas in 1956, then spent a year studying church history at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, before returning to study for a bachelor of divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, which he completed in 1959. Meanwhile, he married Judith Davidson in 1954. They had three children. In 1960 Moyers abandoned plans to pursue graduate work in American studies in order to join the campaign staff of Lyndon Johnson
PLEASURES MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: FULL LIST OF THE 50 RICHEST PASTORS IN THE WORLD 2016 Posted by Staff Writer | Sep 30, 2016 So just how much are pastors really making? Traveling the globe from Nigeria and Singapore to the United States, we found 50 of the richest pastors whose millionaire and billionaire statuses are sure to shock you. Will you recognize any of the names on our list? Let’s find out! The God-father of the preacher-politician-money-grubber crowd #14 – Billy Graham ($25 Million) #3- Pat Robertson ($500 Million) (no wonder he can't wipe that idiotic grin off his face) #2 – Kenneth Copeland ($760 Million) #1 – Edir Macedo ($1.2 Billion)