Life for Beginners

This one relates to some other conversations going on, but I wanted it to have it’s own special place. It’s a humorous at philosophy, about how depressing it can be to think we come from nothing, but how we can deal with that. (Spoiler alert: wine)

Cute talk. (cut).


A short story of a man in search of the meaning of life. After travelling for years and asking everyone in every country if they knew the secret and meaning of life, but receiving negative or incoherent responses, he was about to give up on his quest, when a “learned” fellow recommended that he consult an ascetic living in seclusion on top of a mountain in a remote corner of the world accessible only on foot.
“if anybody knows the secret of life, this is the mind to consult” was the advice.

Heartened by such positive attitude, the man set out on foot and after several weeks of negotiating the steep mountain he arrived at a cave and peering inside he could see the dim figure sitting with his back toward the entrance and in a gruff voice asked who dared bother him in his contemplation.

With a soft voice the man announced his arrival and purpose of his quest and if the sage could and would answer his question of the meaning of life.

Again with an impatient voice the sage ordered him to wait outside the cave until he was called.

Another week passed and the man was beginning to run out of food and more disheartened by the hour, when finally the voicwe from inside the cave ordered him inside.

With great relief the man entered the cave sat down on a rock and repeated the purpose of his quest and if the sage could answer his question posed with honest and sincere intent, what is the meaning of life.

Still showing his back to the guest the sage covered his head with a checkered cloth and fell silent for several hours, before turning and facing the man straight in the eye he declared: “Life is like a dark deep well”, wherupon he again turned his back and completely ignored this interloper,

Stunned by this declaration the man asked with a desperate tone in his voice, "life is like a dark deep well?

The sage seemed to shrink as he turned around and again facing the man uttered in a hoarse voice; “Well isn’t it”?

The end.