Leaving God documentary

Saw this on a CFI viewing event on Sunday.

It was okay, a good one if you’ve never been exposed to the ideas before. His path out included George Carlin and Hitchens and the usual suspects.

The fun parts are, his pastor gives him advice about staying in a bad marriage because marriage is sacred, the the pastor gets divorced. The narrator of the movie is in advertising, and as he’s having serious doubts, the church hires him to create brochures and run their advertising campaign. It’s quite lucrative.

A few other funny moments, but like I say, not much new insight if you’ve heard one of these stories before. These always leave me wondering; haven’t most people in church now heard of someone who had some questions about their religion, asked their church leader and got a dismissive answer, then left? Isn’t that enough to make you question your religion?

Yeah, I know, people don’t want to ask questions.

They love to shut down questions. It’s just not allowed, but those of us who do and are determined to find answers, end up leaving.