Late night thoughts on guns

I say good for them. Very smart move on their part. It will lower the gun violence, as seen in other countries.

We are in this mess due to Repug views of let anyone have any weapon they want. To think it won’t help, try looking at the U.K. and other like places. They have a lower rate of gun crime than the U.S. Repug views are not worth listening to because they don’t care about humans. All they care about are their kickbacks from greedy corporations and gun manufacturers are no exception in giving Repugs kickbacks.

Gangbangers dont go for assault weapons, so this ban won’t help with that problem.

The data on shootings is difficult. I don’t feel like a TED talk right now. We should have zero school shootings, and ARs are common for that. Domestic violence is called “mass” if its 2 or 3 people. Red Flag laws will do more to prevent them.

On Chicago, show me the per capita data, and compare it to the South.

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Hence the title; “Assault Rifle” (AR)

An assault is the act of committing physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in criminal prosecution, civil liability, or both. Wikipedia

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Gangbangers, as you call them, are a small group of people and it’s also a racist term. If you mean criminals in general, I’d like to see the stat on that.

Because of the school shooting and domestic abuse, we need AR laws, as well as sensible gun laws. Thus, why this ban on assault weapons is a good thing being passed. The general public doesn’t need them. It’s the gun manufactures attempting to brainwash the public into believe they need them, in order to have more sales, in order to feed their greed for money.

Reread the link for the stats.

First, as I said, the article notes, “But these numbers may not be exact due to a lack of gun violence research,”

2nd, asked for stats about Chicago, and if you check, gun deaths are higher where the laws are looser, in general. I don’t disagree with numbers given, but they aren’t related to all of your comments.

It said nothing about gangs from what I saw skimming it, except for one time in a caption under a picture and I found that doing a search for the word. Interesting how you read one word and conclude racist thoughts that aren’t even true.