Jason Lisle and his mad mad creationism blog

I think you guys should take a look at Jason Lisle’s blog http://www.jasonlisle.com/ and read some of his nonsensical comments on how he “refutes” evolution

and he keeps calling people “chemical accidents” of evolution was true he said "By definition, anything resulting from evolution is necessarily an accident. According to the dictionary an accident is an “unplanned event or circumstance” involving “lack of intention… rather than by design.”

We see enough apologetics on these forums that there is no need to seek them out. I only scanned the headlines, but saw enough to know Lisle is simply trotting out the same tired argument apologists proffer constantly. Nothing new there. Move along.

i know its nothing new but the amount of rhetorical nonsense is astounding

I agree with that. I should be over it by know, but I am amazed daily by the amount of nonsense people write to support their irrational beliefs. We get enough of them driving by these forums that I am loathe to seek them elsewhere. Doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t, I’ve just grown tired of their arguments. Let me know when you see something original. I’ll keep the light on and the beer cold.

but i did find something funny for you “We have already covered this. Only the Christian worldview can make sense of objective morality. These other systems that you have proposed only motivate people to behave when they are being watched, and only if it will benefit them in the future. That’s not morality” and “When a person is asleep, he or she cannot feel or care what happens. Would if be okay in your worldview to assassinate someone as long as that person is sleeping? You see, your worldview just cannot make sense of morality. You instinctively that people have more value than plants and even animals, because you know in your heart-of-hearts that people are made in the image of God. You keep repeating the Christian principle of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. But that principle makes no sense whatsoever in an evolutionary worldview.” seriously he said those things

OK, that BS is pretty funny. Pathetic, but funny. What a moron.