Is it a sign?

I’ve always had a very spiritual mind set and open to the unknown. I’m 24 and my dad passed away in May 2019. He was my best friend and I miss him so much. We used to duet on the piano and later in his illness me playing would put a huge smile across his face. For the first few months after he passed, I dreamt of him every night. Which I see as a sign but today the weirdest thing happened.
I was sitting eating lunch with my mum and we heard a little tune on the piano, not long about 3-4 seconds long but lo enough for us both to be like wtf?
About a half hour later I was down the stairs and heard the piano play again, so I came up the stairs to the study and seen my dad sitting on the study chair. Not going to lie I jumped I got a huge fright. But could this be a sign it was him?
I got my 3rd year university exam results today. Do you think he’s trying to let me know he knows I’m doing well?

Losing a father is difficult. I dreamt my father talked to me a few times after he died. It’s natural. Even hearing and seeing things while awake.

“Signs” are a way for us to get the answer we want from our own imaginations. You can’t tell what to do or what to believe from a vague sign, so no, I don’t think it was a sign.

But look at it this way; Your father lives on through you. I accepted long ago that I was going to dies some day. My children are my immortality. My intent after I’m gone is to have left behind better people than I ever was. I try to be accepting to everyone, but I know I hold some old prejudices, beliefs and ways that just don’t have any place in this world any more. When I die my children are freed from my outdated opinions and beliefs, free to be the future. Everybody dies. But he left behind a part of himself in you. What’s more, he gave you the gift of his love for and ability to create music. And you can give that gift to your children, and they to theirs. And every one of them is going to be born with a piece of your father in them. He’ll never really be gone as long as he left something behind, and that is you and your love for music.

It’s was sad to hear about your father’s death.
But it seems you are a strong persons, as it’s very difficult to lose our loved one, especially parents, but still he is with you and giving you strength, and saying you he’ll be with you always.
Be strong and happy.

God bless you .