Is coherent light immune to incoherent light (triggering decoherence) because they are both in a quantum light wave form at the time?

Are all other types of quantum waves susceptible to this overwhelming cause of decoherence?

Does superposition, entanglement, or tunneling function if the wave they are made of is not coherent?

Does a Bose–Einstein condensate work because the lasers are using the, quantum-wave-friendly, coherent beams?

Your questions lost me.

But, they reminded me of a truly mind blowing video about new laser telescopes, filtering out and combining specific wave lengths to get microscopic video images of “wet tissue.” Living cells. The march of science, its been mind-blowing.


Your Textbooks Are Wrong, This Is What Cells Actually Look Like


The really good visuals are packed in the first minute or so, the rest explains the processes.


We are in a new era of cell biology. For centuries, microscopes have illuminated previously invisible worlds, and the recent advancements in microscopy are no different. Breakthrough laser microscopes are not only allowing biologists to image a cell in three dimensions, but also providing the opportunity to reveal hidden patterns inside of living cells.

Find out more about this new microscopy technology capturing cells like never before and what this could mean for the next decade of cell biology

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Credit: Betzig Lab, HHMI/Janelia Research Campus; 10/24/14 issue of the journal Science.

The habitual theme of “Your Text Books were Wrong” really irritates me, NO the text books were not wrong, the people who assumed that was all there was to learn they were the fools who were wrong.

It’s all a matter of more facts enabling better resolution.

<blockquote>"Science has consistently shown that nature is always vastly more complex, interwoven, and  unpredictable than the human intellect is capable of imagining.

Why won't we allow this  lesson to sink in? Why be surprised when weather continues to become more chaotic?  Admittedly, no one can accurately predict how weather will change. But who can deny that  it will continue to change, and at an accelerated rate? We can kid ourselves, but we  can't fool nature."</blockquote>

I have no idea what “coherent light” and “incoherent light” are, or what being “immune” to each other means. I do know that waves pass right through each other without affecting each other. To see this for yourself get 2 flashlights. Put a piece of red plastic on one and a piece of blue plastic on the other. Make an “X” with the beams and shine them all the wall so that the beams pass right through each other. You get a red dot and a blue dot, not 2 purple dots.

The only time this isn’t the case is when there is matter which interferes with both waves. Move the beams to shine on the same place and you get one purple dot because the matter in the wall absorbs and re-emits the light. The direction the light is emitted is theoretically at the opposite angle it struck (a reflected beam), but imperfections in the materials scatter it at least some. Mixing waves requires matter, at least all waves I’m familiar with. There may be exceptions. It’s not something I’ve researched in depth or anything.