Irish mob in the Houston Police Department

There are members of the Houston Police Department that are in the Irish mob. I am attaching a conversation with Detective Blanco for context.

Please save this link. HPD deletes my posts quickly.

If you have legitimate evidence you would have better luck contacting local media in Houston.


And I kept thinking there was a good joke under that title. :frowning:

There’s an Irish mob in the Houston Police Department and in walks a priest and a Cardinal . . .

The HPD says “How may I help you?”

The priest says “I am here to provide private spiritual solace to any juveniles you have in custody.”

The Cardinal says “I am here to assure you that nothing untoward or illegal is going on in this precinct.”

The Irish Mob says “I’ll drink to that!”

It’s not that funny. Why am I picking myself off the floor still laughing?


Tim, thanks, for hitting that one out of ball park