Introduction My self

I am new here. My name is Prakriti Mehindroo. I love to observe things so I observe society so closely.

I want to ask if Hindi articles are allowed here?

No. This is a discussion forum.

We’d love to see you write something original about your experience of Hindi. (please)

I think it’s silly to push pamphlets on people who exist within totally different circumstance as you do within your Hindi world.
Why not try to get to know us a little?

Why do you want us to read the book? What do you think we might get out of it?

Where do you live?

Can you share anything about your self?

How about your own thoughts, (not someone else’s printed words) - how did you find CFI?

We’d love to hear from YOU.

Best wishes and peace be with you,

Generally, and it’s in the rules, we discourage linking articles without comments by the person linking them. Add something. Give us your comments.

We definitely do not limit anything based on religion or ethnicity.

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Hello there! I’ve just joined this website. this is cool :slight_smile:

Cool. Jump in. Glad to have you here

Hello Morrisel, what are your areas of interest?

We’re always up for some interesting conversation so we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking forward to your contributons.

Always looking forward to newsworthy contributions from different parts of the globe.

Please remember to not just share an article, try to tell why it’s important to you, and why you think it interesting or important.

I’ve just joined this website. this is cool.

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Welcome. Looking forward to your posts

Welcome and have A wonerdful day.