INTELLECTUAL RACISM is a dance - Julius Fann, Jr

INTELLECTUAL RACISM is a dance with the devil, or lack of knowledge when resistance to words and ideologies is ignored or rejected because of a lack of comprehension. A dance on pretentious self-righteous indignation when the only resistance is based on non-compromising words and ideologies. What does words and ideas matter if trials of potential conscious advancement are hindered by one who has been indoctrinated in hand me down beliefs unjustified and senseless?

The faithfulness of men, to anything, is their dependency upon being followers of rhetorical dreams founded on a platform of hypnotic irresponsibility. The more opposition to responsibility undertaken to change one senseless internal uprising, and intellectual racism, tighter and tighter the grip of self-destruction one exhibits, and the more one becomes enslaved to ignorance.

Living, believing and building absolutes, in such ignorance, evolves into optimistic hope. Optimistic hope leaves one in a time warp. This time warp, as Martin L. King, Jr., brought to our attention in the 60’s, says just be patient and time will straighten everything out. It is entirely apathetic to tragedy. But we know this is not true in changing the world, nor waiting to see one descend in glory upon a mountain. Time of itself does not bring about a change, it is the thought movement of people wanting justice.

To change a mind, one must change acceptance of allowing thought patterns to find the corridors and rooms of permanence in one’s consciousness. For the faithfulness of men to anything is their dependency upon being followers of men. Being a follower is entirely founded upon the platform of irresponsibility which always leaves one in a hypnotic dream.

The more opposition one exhibits to intellectual racism; to opposing thoughts and beliefs of others which are one sided, the more opposition is presented, and the more one becomes enslaved to ignorance. Let it go, and let the dead bury the dead. Does anyone here want to keep giving a voice to ignorant intellectual racism? Loose it and let it go.

Be a visionary,

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a rebel,

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a pioneer of madness,

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not a hitchhiker.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

Do I need to point out the irony?

Therefore we should accept intellectual racism? Do you even know what you are advocating here?

How about if we apply this philosophy to opposition to actual racism. Are you saying we should condone and accept racism? Think of what you’re saying here!

He probably won’t answer.

I don’t think he is saying that. I thinks it’s a long winded, big words way of saying that we aren’t listening, that we aren’t allowing him to speculate, that his ideas have merit and we should give him a chance. Typical forum stuff.

We have and it isn’t getting any better.

Pretty sure the only thing that would statisfy him is to tell him he’s brilliant

I did compliment him on style, but he wants confirmation of content.

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