People and nationalities speak of change, but what change can anyone undertake concerning how they accept another person, race, or themselves without first realizing all things they are aware of influenced how and why they think as they do. Moreover, it is their way of thinking, and acceptance of their thoughts of influence which become their subliminal belief of being superior, or inferior which draw and quarter them as their mental slave master if they do not take responsibility to understand to know this divide and conquer mentality steer their destiny, living, thinking, and the way they treat themselves, and will be treated by the law of reciprocity.
At some point, I say to those who read this article, mankind has to stop allowing itself to be controlled by the charioteer of indoctrination which draws its mind and turn its consciousness in different direction simultaneously. Mankind has to make a stand and take the responsibility to change the flow of chaos. Mankind is the individual who merge into the collective universal human thought pattern of chaos, disruption, and belief of superiority over another because of race or intellect persuasion.
No one else is responsible, I say to you, but you, No one else can take the steps you walk in life, nor choose the direction you take. Influence you and I, sure we can be, but all in all, final decisions we make, irrespective, are the ones we take from our fear of not being accepted, or loved, and lack of understanding we are infinite Spirit which does not decay and rot in a cosmic identity which used us for it purpose and discarded us when it has no need for us any longer.