In a climate-crazed world, how can we plan for the future?

Some expect exact numbers for climate sensitivity, and in future predictions and such, as though that will tell us what to do next.
That delusional demand stems for their faith-based mindset that needs certainties and absolutes.
But our real physical world and indeed our lives themselves don’t operate on such a plain.
Remember, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.
Here’s a cool article that gives a bit of realistic overview for how to considering dealing with the future changes as the warming continues accumulating.

In a climate-crazed world, how can we plan for the future? By David Roberts on Sep 28, 2012 (yeah, nothing new, simply forgotten and ignored) ... Deep uncertainty involves two basic conditions. First, the models we use to anticipate future conditions produce a wide range of scenarios of equal (or indeterminate) likelihood. There are, to quote my current favorite World Bank white paper, “multiple possible future worlds without known relative probabilities." And second, stakeholders have divergent worldviews and irreconcilable differences about what counts as success, or an appropriate level of risk. ...
Any thoughts?

Pay off your mortgage and stockpile food in your basement.

Seriously folks,
when considering what the next couple decades will look like,
beyond a steady decreasing ability of people, tribes, and nations, to deal with each other in a civil humane fashion,
we’ve now entered the era of Russian Weather Roulette.
Most all the sheople running around sure act as though they are assuming the next couple decades will be more or less the way the past century has been.
Deluded beyond comprehension, but so it is out here in America, … and beyond?
It’s how people are, today is important, the rest is, well, later - we’ll deal with it then.
Still though our climate was slow to show the transformations underway,
well at least for those who choice to be blind to what was unfolding before our eyes this past half century,
120 ppm of additional CO2 (280 to 400++) into our atmosphere within two centuries - CO2 that undeniable insulation regulator,
that early era, like a cold engine slowly cranking up, our climate engine has gathered enough steam to begin moving out of the station.
A place that will overwhelm our oh so complacent complex society.
Denial can make one blind, but consequences do come due nonetheless.
Back to that weather Russian Weather Roulette, will the hurricane heading up Chesapeake Bay, will it be during high tide, king tide?
Will a weird twist in the Jet Stream pull it up the Potomac and bulls eye Washington D.C. or will it get pushed up the coast?
Where and when these extreme weather event happen can’t be predicted. We do know some hits are way more significant than others.
What we know for certain is that the hits are coming.