I think I might be over my issue

Everyone has to interview. If you don’t understand that, then you might qualify for getting a social worker to help you.

I’m saying that I’ve had the interviews and got turned down, or just got straight up turned down.

That’s how interviews work. You have to show you are ready to take direction. What jobs did you interview for?

And are you qualified for those jobs?

That’s not how interviews work. They either need the body or they don’t. I’ve applied for everything in the town I live in, everywhere else is a least an hour away.

It’s nothing big I’m interviewing for either it’s retail and fast food.

Obviously, I wouldn’t apply if I wasn’t. These are literally regular retail and food service work.

And you don’t see “Hiring” signs anywhere? Here in Idaho, McDonalds pays $17 p/hr

I do, and I don’t get the jobs. I’ve been over this already.

Consult a job counselor.

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I started in restaurant and retail, including interviewing. My experience is, you need more than warm bodies. If someone comes in with an attitude that they deserve the job, that they don’t need to prove themselves, that they are qualified just because they say so, i wouldn’t waste my time. How could I train them? They would say, “I know how to make pizza, I don’t need your measuring cups or your spice mix”.

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Well considering I have years of experience and full availability and still don’t get the job I’m thinking it might not be as you say. Especially seeing the people they hired instead of me.

Don’t really think that’s going to help, I would need someone who would (effectively) make someone hire me.

Also doesn’t that cost money? That’s not something I have at the moment.

If you live in the US, there are many government sponsored assistance for seeking employment, including any special circumstantial accommodations.

Use the internet for what and where information about your preference and skill can be found.
And if you don’t have a comprehensive “Resume” , make one.
It will do the talking for you.

Earlier you said they aren’t hiring.

I suspected from the beginning that you’re argumentative and difficult to deal with. You are proving me right.

I should have clarified.

They were hiring, I didn’t get the job and they hired someone else who was less qualified. It happened at the Wendy’s near me, the Taco Bell, and at home it happened when I applied to the Vet office as a receptionist and got turned down for someone who can’t do their job (my sister works there and she complains about how she constantly has to cover for her mistakes or laziness).

Though the Wendy’s near me says they’re hiring but every interview I go to they say they aren’t at the moment while still having postings on Indeed and in the store. The same goes for the City Market, they say they’re hiring, I apply. But when I get called in I get told they aren’t hiring?

There literally isn’t anywhere else I can apply to around me, I’ve tried and was turned down by everyone.

I have no way to evaluate your interviewing skills or your work aptitude. Either you try to change something, or nothing will change. If you challenge every suggestion given here, I can only assume you do that in every other part of your life.

If there are that many stores where you live, then there are also government offices. But if you argue with them, that won’t help you either.

There are some put the positions are out of my qualifications. None of them are entry level and require a lot of prior experience. The job search for the state doesn’t help you get a job they just point you to a job a board where you can find them.

If there are jobs you are really qualified for, if you don’t get the jobs, the only reason i can imagine is your reputation. If wrongly or rightly, you have a bad reputation, there rare only two solutions :

  • prove it is wrong

-move other where

And when you pass a job interview, don’t evade the matter " I know people don’t like me for such and such reasons, i can prove they are wrong for such and such reasons. "

And really change !!!

The scorpion and the frog

One day a scorpion addresses a frog:

“Please help me cross the river.”

“But are you going to sting me?”

“I’m not stupid, if I sting you, I die.”

"Okay. "

The scorpion climbs on the back of the frog that begins to cross the river. Arrived in the middle of the crossing, the scorpion stings the frog.

This one, in a last breath, asks him why.

He answers before drowning: “I could not help it, it’s my nature!”

Humans are not animal, they can change or at least master their instincts !!!

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They can’t really master their instincts, they bleed into everything we do.

I don’t know what it is because they don’t really tell you, you just have to guess. Moving is never an option as that’s a lot of money that most can’t afford.

Could it be that you are argumentative?

Ask your family and friends, telling them you want to change.