Hello everyone,

Is anyone else sick and tired of all these stupid my-vacuum-is-better-than-your-vacuum commercials on TV? That Dyson clown makes me sick. It’s a damn vacuum for chrissake. And then I think, how many engineers that sit around thinking about better vacuums or tampons or coffee pots could be better utilized to help people who have actual problems. It must be capitalism huh???

I don’t pay attention to commercials so I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but I have noticed the Hallmart and Amazon holiday ones using/abusing 70’s songs. Now that gets on my nerves. “Ring My Bell” has nothing to do with delivery or gift giving. A good song all messed up by greedy corporations.

huma, I feel your pain.

Especially that clown Dyson, “I have reinvented the vacuum a thousand ways.” Yippy buddy. That’s a guy more in love with tinkering than building a solid reliable lasting vacuum cleaner. Then the times I’ve gotten to use Dysons, lordie lordie they feel flimsy, are too complex with stupid little parts sticking out and busting off.

Shark, now that’s a vacuum build by people who I imagine actually use their machines. Solid, efficient, they suck (a good thing in a vacuum cleaner) and gets the work done and I’m not even vacuum salesman, though I have done my share of vacuuming over the years.

Mriana, bet you never could have imagined it such a fertile topic of discussion ;-).

Just wait till we get a pissy plumber over here, the conversations we could have…

I cut the cord years ago. I rarely see a commercial. I actually kind of miss being up to date on what’s new, but not enough to watch a program at 110% normal speed so they can squeeze in a few more commercials. I don’t know how I didn’t go nuts and go on a rampage in the days before commercial free Hulu and AdBlock Plus. And I’m STILL exposed to a bombardment of ads every day, though our brains normally just ignore all the signs we see all the time. UNLESS they have flashing lights on them, which people have started doing now.

I wouldn’t even mind commercials if they were at least entertaining or amusing. But not only are they not, many are obnoxious. I know I’m a monster, and I’m sorry, but I’m STILL glad Billy Maze is dead. I can’t wait to never hear that annoying jerk scream at me again.

All night infomercial binges, eh?

That’s why I’m a cable cutter! I was paying for the Infomercial Channel! Why the hell was I PAYING for a channel to advertise to me 24/7???

Actually, fully 3/4 of the channels I had were things I would never, ever watch and had actually programmed out of the box. There were, if I recall, 6 Catholic channels. I’m not Catholic. A bunch of Spanish language channels, other religious channels, and music channels. Why the hell are there music channels? How frigging irresponsible is it to run a power-hungry television to listen to music you can play on a much more eco-friendly radio? And that was back then. Now you can play it on your phone. Hell, I have a home theater PC set up in my living room with some decent speakers with a nice base. It’s general purpose is for an Emby server, playing video right on my TV through a Roku. But I ALSO have Clementine on it. Clementine is a music player with an Android app to control it. I can start my own music playlist any time I want, skip a song, change the playlist, choose a specific song, etc., all from my phone, playing over some pretty nice speakers, all without the television being on at all.

Oh, and of the 1/4 of the channels I would actually watch, there were only about 6 or so that I watched regularly. Most of the others were more like “I might watch that now and then”. Fewer than a dozen channels really worth watching, $200 a month, AND most of those channels had commercials (I think we had HBO and Starz as well. Maybe Showtime, no Skinimax for sure). If I’m paying an average of about $20 a month PER CHANNEL that I actually watch commercials are completely unacceptable!

Of course Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have their issues too. Netflix and Hulu are impossible to find decent shows on. They have the same things in the list for months at a time. Once they do finally disappear from the list they often show up again for months more at a time a short time down the road. And you’ll find the same shows over and over and over again in every genre you try to search in. And you can’t narrow the search to get more relevant results. I’ll often start playing a movie to find it’s in a random language I don’t understand, it’s from the 1970s, it has about half the production quality of a car crash, they define the word “actors” fluidly, I’ve seen it before, it’s a damned cartoon when I want sci-fi, it’s an anime (everything about anime makes it the least tolerable thing on the planet to me), etc. With a large library filled with essentially “cheap crap” the inability to effectively filter out some of that crap is a huge problem. And with Prime you pay $100 a year for the opportunity for Amazon to market more purchases to you, essentially. Most of the decent content is a rental, so you’re essentially paying for a monthly or yearly membership which does little more than allow you to pay for content as you want. Unless you order a lot from Amazon there’s no real value in it.

I love football but not enough to buy a sports channel, which have commercials anyway, so that’s where I get marketed to the most. Not that many vacuuming football fans though I guess.

Vacuums suck.

Yeah, but if a vacuum doesn’t suck, now that really sucks!

That’s exactly what it is. Expect more of the same as long as Republicans are in charge.