Humanist Trilogy

On occasion, I enjoy perusing CFI forums and am appreciative of the work you do as a moderator. I have read your work in CFI over several years, often without comment and often with good takeaways.

Lausten, it seems to me that you often lace your words in a stealthy manner such as your question “Are you suggesting we don’t have limits?” well. gravity comes to mind. (the question itself is hapless)

Are you suggesting with such a veiled question however dim your religious training, it is still an influence on your belief system? That is very OK if you do, millions of other people are tethered to monotheism the same way.

I think you should make that clear when commenting about the science of DNA. DNA is totally disconnected from religion.
Are you part of the mindset that somehow involves religious aspects as components of DNA? And again, that is just fine if you are,

This would be stealthy and laced. I try to be clear. Your question was something like “with limits?” Maybe you should elaborate.

Not at all. Quite the opposite.

I believe Lausten means “sensory limitations” as compared to other animals, which may have extreme sensory adaptations that far exceed human senses.

We make up for those limitations by the extraordinary brain power that allows us to fashion artificial methods of observing nature from extremely small (microscopic) levels to extremely large (telescopic) levels of observation.
Humans are the ultimate tool makers. Not always to our long-term benefit.

Yes, and our very short lives. So we evolved think in that short period, with some sense of making life better for those who come after us, but we’re not that good at it.

We have hyper active agency detection. There’s lots more.

yes, I believe you are right, about senses, The question remains in the same hapless category either way.

Yes sir, there is a lot more, I don’t believe “a lot more” just hangs out there spatiotemporally to support DNA in case science omitted something really important.

Thank you for the heads-up on what you have, the HADD.
I just read the concept of the device is that humans attribute intentions (often harmful to the self) to agents in their lives. It is viewed as an evolutionary device in that it is better to mistake movement in the shadows as a dangerous animal or hunter from another tribe to respond in a protective way. The hyperactivity part of the device leads us to attribute great power and responsibility to such agents we see as maintaining control which can lead to conspiracy (eg. Moon landing, 9/11).
Justin Barrett felt that HADD was responsible for the rise of gods and spiritual beliefs as inanimate agents (eg. Sun, wind, waves, fire) were attributed meaning, intentions and evidence of a grand plan or divine intervention, Is this what you are talking about?

Yes. That is one our limitations. What it is to be human

Thank you. That helps me to understand.

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Revisit post 79 and see if you can justify what the brain tells you about squares A and B.
You’ll find that no matter how hard you try, you cannot see them as having the same shade of gray. Your brain won’t let you!

This is a hardwired survival mechanism of the flight ot fight instinct. In this case the optical illusion offers a survival advantage by highlighting objects hidden in the shaded area.

in stages of masterful events you once mastered tying your shoes.

Yeah. And I can describe how to tie shoes

I do apologize, you’re not the first to point out that my writing is clumsy.

Can you really? Do you know hw many ways there are to tie your shoes? It’s a college course in mathematics!

Watch this delightful little lecture on mathematics and how to tie shoes.

CC, let’s start over. BTW I read your blog about the stairs, impressive.

Let me try this,

In my style of humanism, the general path to being “woke as can be” is as simple as treating your brain as the hard disk of “system-yourself” and occasionally defragging it.
A quicky is a mental list of obvious big groups with 2 checkboxes; 1) things you have learned and 2) things you have been taught. For a humanist
Flash check boxes, if you learned from those checked as being taught update the checkbox to learn otherwise purge whatever was taught as baggage you need to unlearn, and disconnect. This housekeeping activity should be repeated on a regular basis.
Not every day, but often, sometime between the second and next cup of coffee I take a few seconds to touch base with my biological self, recognizing my evolutionary biological heritage.
AMH Humanists are totally woke as all individuals should be. They know that If you want a happier life you have to actively get yourself engaged in creating it. If you want a better government, you have to actively get yourself engaged in creating it.
The point is: that there’s a lot of humanism in all of us, we automatically want to live our personal lifestyles happily. (easier said than done)
As @lauston points out the science of the human genome clashing with the realm of God’s magic creates a feeding frenzy of unsavory marketers similar to the phenomena of the dot com bust that resulted in almost everyone responding to the elevator pitch losing their money.

when I use trilogy in this context I am not referring to these folks,
In this context, the trilogy is the brain, the cells of your body, and your biological self, as in yourself.

I don’t think I said that

It sorta seems the last two are the same thing aren’t they?
Even brain is part of the cells of your body and your biological self.
Then there’s the mind, our thoughts, why isn’t that in there somewhere?
Also what about the electrical field our living body creates, but that our dead carcass does not possess?

It’s interesting though, back in earlier decades I did play with the trilogy idea quite a bit and was surprised at how many things could be divided into three basic components.

The more I think about that “trilogy”, the less sense it makes.

I took a philosophy course once and it started with asking what I see as my “self”. I tried to talk about oneness with the universe, since every time I breath in, I’m interacting with it, or light entering my eyes, whatever. That wasn’t what the question was meant to be. We survive by knowing our own muscles and sensations and learning their limits, but also testing those limits. I can imagine things I can’t see, and that I could send thoughts out, but that still wouldn’t be “me”.

I believe it is the fundamental geography of 3D spacetime.
CDT (Causal Dynamical Triangulation) is based on the fractal nature of spacetime.

Causal dynamical triangulation (abbreviated as CDT) theorized by Renate Loll, Jan Ambjørn and Jerzy Jurkiewicz, is an approach to quantum gravity that, like loop quantum gravity, is background independent.

This means that it does not assume any pre-existing arena (dimensional space), but rather attempts to show how the spacetime fabric itself evolves.

There is evidence [1] that at large scales CDT approximates the familiar 4-dimensional spacetime, but shows spacetime to be 2-dimensional near the Planck scale, and reveals a fractal structure on slices of constant time. These interesting results agree with the findings of Lauscher and Reuter, who use an approach called Quantum Einstein Gravity, and with other recent theoretical work.

The Koch Curve is one of the simplest fractal shapes, and so its dimension is easy to work out. Its similarity dimension and Hausdorff dimension are both the same. This is not true for more complex fractals.

Koch snowflake[change | change source]

Von Koch curve.gif
The Koch snowflake (or Koch star) is the same as the Koch curve, except it starts with an equilateral triangle instead of a line segment.


(Changing Fractal (section) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)]

Fractals have many applications e.g. in biology (lung, kidneys, heart rate variability, etc…), in earthquakes, in finance where it is related to the so called heavy tail distributions and in physics. This indicates that fractals should be studied to understand why fractals are so frequent in nature.

Some fractals exist only for artistic reasons, but others are very useful. Fractals are very efficient shapes for radio antennas and are used in computer chips to efficiently connect all the components. Also, coastlines can be thought of as fractals.[1]

In furtherance of the Triangulation concept:

Fractal Holographic Synergetic Universe

Key to understanding the worldview that cosmometry is founded upon is the idea that the Universe is both fractal (the same pattern of wholeness is found at every scale) and holographic (the wholeness is present everywhere and within every entity), as well as synergetic (the whole is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts).

Let’s explore these fundamental concepts further…


Although the science and study of fractals is very deep and rich with mathematical precision and aesthetic variety, in the basic context of cosmometry we are using the term in its most simple expression: the repetition of patterns at all scales from micro to macro.

Fractal scaling is clearly present throughout the cosmos and has been extensively explored by pioneers such as Benoit Mandelbrot as a means to describe the repeating patterns of plant parts, coastal and mountain contours, river branching, lightning, clouds, wave patterns, etc.

**emphasized textAnimated Fractal Mountain by António Miguel de Campos (click image to see animation)

In cosmometry we are exploring the primary patterns, structures and flow forms that appear fractally, and how these primary attributes are seamlessly embedded from atomic to galactic scales.

Fractal scaling is one of the keys to understanding the full cosmometry model, especially when we seek to wrap our minds around the fact that there is a seamless movement of energy and information throughout the entire cosmos that manifests “locally” while remaining connected “universally”.

In order to fully comprehend the essence of what fractal scaling means, though, we have to view the cosmos in its most pure and ideal energetic expressions, then extrapolate those expressions into the unique forms they take, be they apparently crystalline/atomic/vectorial/structural, or fluid/plasmic/vortexial/toroidal (ultimately it’s always a “both/and” of these two states, but their dominant expression will typically look one way or the other).