Howdy, I'm Gary

I’m Gary. A retired computer engineer (elect engin + comp sci) currently living near Charlotte, NC. I did live in Buffalo for several years. I was into triathlons. I was treasurer of the Buffalo Triathlon Club and finished the Lake Placid Ironman in 2013.

I also finished this several years ago: Science and Public

Welcome and congratulations !!!

We share some interests. Welcome. I have too many injuries to think about distance athletics anymore though.

Cool! Yeah, I did Placid when I was 60. Some people keep going but now at 70, I am just not motivated anymore. Oh, and the extra 30 pounds don’t help.

My first love was flying. I was a flight instructor in New Orleans and hold commercial instrument, single engine land and sea, multiengine land ratings. Manned aircraft are too expensive these days (fuel). Now I have a drone and take pictures and videos with that.

My computer/electronics work included teaching Object-oriented programming (C++), and designing/implementing embedded systems for flow meters and samplers for wastewater applications.

I am loving retirement! But I prefer to stay in my “bubble” as I find I don’t like people as much as I used to. I blame FOX “news”.


Hot dang, are you familiar with Waxhaw area south east of Charlotte?

Three years ago I figured I’d never get East of the Mississippi again, let alone the south, now, thanks to a couple grand kids I’m starting to almost feel familiar with the place.

Although most my time is still spent at home in southwestern Colorado.

Congrats on the triathlons!

I found it fascinating to discuss topics that cannot be reduced to algorithms.

You mean you’ve found topics outside the domain of math?

That’s interesting.
A friend of mine thinks everything can be reduced to math.
Have any thoughts on that notion?

Welcome. Feel free to jump in and join any conversation that interests you.

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Sure, I know Waxhaw. I live in Cornelius, which is north of Charlotte.

Regarding maths, no I don’t think everything reduces to math. But we are still discovering maths, so there is potential in the idea. When I received my BS in engineering ('82) we had not discovered the discrete mathematics that is critical to current computer science curricula. I’m open to the idea but we can’t currently solve the 3 body problem, so there’s a ways to go.
Edit to add: BTW, do you know of Las Animas, CO? I was born there.

Welcome Gary.

Looking forward to your posts.

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I do, I think I even drove through it once, but it’s way east out in the middle of the flat lands. But nice old west kinda town, beautiful Court House, seen better days. It’s near a day’s drive from here.

I’m way southwest, not too far from the Four Corners itself.

I spent many summers there. My grandfather owned a big bar/dance hall called the “Alpine Inn” where lots of country bands (e.g., Ernest Tubb) used to play. It’s pretty much a ghost town now.

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Hi Gary -
I actually live in in the Wadesboro area, which is east of Charlotte. I just joined CFI and look forward to connecting with like-minded critical thinkers! I am a software developer working in the .NET world.
I’ve never done a triathlon (I hate running (still not sure if I hate it cause I suck at it, or if I suck at it cause I hate it)), but I do enjoy CrossFit. I also live on a farm and enjoy homesteading. I’m visiting Morocco in a couple months and look forward to experiencing the country and its people and culture.
Nice to “meet” you!

That applies to a lot of things

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Welcome Gary,
Looking forward to your posts.

Welcome to CFI forum

Nice visit to Morocco where i went twice.

Yeah, running was my weakest part. Swimming is a lot about style so I worked with a coach. The 2.4 mile swim takes about 2h15m. 112 mile bike about 6h50m. Then the 26.2 took about 5h45m. But to then hear Mike Reilly announce, your name followed by, “You ARE an Ironman” was really cool.
But I was a youthful 60 year old back then in 2013. :joy:

Wow that’s insane - I can’t imagine swimming running or biking for those lengths! You must have trained so hard