How Russia works: Bill Browder on surviving Putin

I turn to Browder? Aren’t you being a tad melodramatic.
I shared his story.

And you turn to Putin.
Should I be impressed with that?

Well that’s what happens when you only look at headlines and are happy with filling in the rest, so long at it fits your narrative.

America produced about the most constructive Constitution for running a country that petty self-serving humans are capable of - MAGA is all about destroying that Constitution and handing everything over to Oligarchs* and their hand picked ring leader - something Putin has already done, with a vengeance.

… *

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As mod, I’m about to merge some of them. Why are you even asking the question if you didn’t start any?

Why ? He is a go to person for a window into the “real” russia?

Show me where

Thats on you. You gave the headline with no filling.

Right back at you.

Oh and,
Stop trying to manufacture a crisis here, and stop trying to script my thoughts for me.

This seems like a nice way to wrap this up.

I’m just a little guy and don’t have the Putin resources and criminal friends who can doctor anything I want to. Take satisfaction that the more I learned about it, the more I’m disgusted with all sides, Putin, Browder.
As well as your own belligerent attitude - and that easy way you have with smearing and disregarding what I actually wrote, in favor of assigning your own melodramatic motivations to me.

I appreciate some of the links you’ve shared, but that’s where it ends. Now can we stop beating this poor dead horse already?

Lesson learned do your homework before you fall for promoting someone (without question), thats called credible by the corporate media.

Alas , show me is not your thing

This is my final question for you:
How did Putin become one of the richest men in the world ?

Where Did Vladimir Putin Get His Wealth?

Josh Meyer writes in USA Today that the Russian leader built his wealth methodically. He also details what this means for holding him accountable.

The system that built Putin’s riches has also frustrated the U.S. and European efforts to punish him. Each round of sanctions raises new questions about whether those efforts can affect the man who treats the wealth of an entire nation as his own.

Where does Putin’s personal fortune come from and why he doesn’t want anyone to know where he got it?

Chew on that for awhile