How fire and lava may have made us who we are

YouTube has a lot of garbage, but there are also gems in that their wasteland.

Many of you probably know that the lastest understanding of human evolution includes the notion that it was cooked food that trigger the explosion of our brain and other physiological changed towards being human.

But this presents the classic chicken’n egg dilemma, fire is extremely difficult to build and control and sustain and all that requires a big brain, but the big brain requires the cooked food to come into existence. Michael Medler has thought about this conundrum deeper than pretty near anyone else, so his talk is worth the listen. I hope you love the solution as much as I did.


How fire and lava may have made us who we are | Michael Medler | TEDxWWU

Published on Jun 19, 2015

Dr. Medler describes his theories on the crucial, and often overlooked, role that fire played in human evolution. He provides some ideas as to how early humans may have ‘mastered’ fire, and what that meant to our physiology.