hope is the hero, fear is the foe

At 6 wks, Braxton’s head was the size of a 3 month old’s, cause he had a malignant tumor in his brain that was quite large.

He has a genetic condition that makes him susceptible to getting cancers. He was treated at St Jude’s.

He recovered and so far so good. Here he is at 20 mos.

And the point is?

The point is: That is a damn cute baby. And he survived a scary bout of brain cancer.

Family bankrupt?

I think the family is ok so far. The ad I saw Braxton in, originally, was for St Jude’s Hospital. It gives a lot of free treatment to children and support to family of children with cancer.

How do you know? Was this in the so called report?

It’s sad that anyone has to have their health determined by how much money they make. Especially children. The fact it’s worth pointing out that St. Jude’s Hospital treats people for free seems to indicate there are some that don’t. Not sure if that’s the case in the US… is it?

On a related note, I heard on the news this morning that doctors in Canada are scrambling to find alternatives to three cancer drugs that have recently had their patent dates pass. Drug companies don’t make them since they can’t make money off of sick people any more. Yay unfettered capitalism!!!

St judes gets a lot of donations, apparently. I didn’t get these pics or the related info from a report. I saw an ad with a really cute little baby that was getting treatment at St. Judes for a large malignant brain tumor. I feared that that baby (Braxton) didn’t have long to live. I did a search and found a pic of him at 20 months, at which time he was cancer free. I don’t think that was very long ago. I did not look into it further.

It is a nice story that Braxton lives and thrives now. However, our US medical (illness care) system, is still primarily a for profit system that enriches the profiteers at the expense of Americans’ suffering.