Good News Made Necessary Because of Bad Policy

News is depressing. Trump, crime, war, etc… it all gets me down.

That people have to go bankrupt because of illness is proof of a government that is failing it’s citizens. Here’s a tiny story of some goodness that can only be found where a spouse has to sell a vehicle to pay medical bills.

I’m debating myself whether this qualifies as good news, but with so few stories to draw from, there aren’t many alternatives.

I put something nice that I found on the thread I called “Hope is the hero. Fear is the foe.” I had intended to add other positive message stories when I happened to notice them, but I haven’t come across anything recently.

On 2nd thought, here is something positive. I took my brother to the dentist and while I was in the waiting room there was a young girl with her mother and grandmother. She was reading a book. The title had something to do with “your inner fish”. She said she was 16, tho I would have guessed 14. Not that I didn’t believe her. She explained that the book had to do with the author finding an intermediary fossil between the (I think flathead fish that had fins) and the apparent descendent that had legs.

So a 16 year old, who understands and does not deny evolution. Her mother and grandmother were speaking Spanish, so if I had to guess I would expect them to be Catholic. Yet the girl understood evolution. She also believes in global warming, a spherical earth, the problem of anti-vaxxers, etc. All of the obvious points of reality for people who are fact based. She is tending toward being a doctor.

Anyway it was a very positive thing for me to just happen to speak to a random person who was reality based, in our world of so many people who are not. And it was particularly hopeful in that she was so young.

Cool story. Having informed kids is more important than informed adults. I definitely say the story does count as good news.

I’m sure informed people really do outnumber the uninformed, but the uninformed are so noticeable and have such a negative impact that their presence is much more noticeable.

As for the book, I mentioned it in a post around here about a week ago. There’s a television series about it I think too. I should try to find and watch it before the information is out of date.

I am glad you mentioned the book recently. That must be why I was familiar with it, and was able to discuss it intelligently with the 16 yr old.


Though you gotta wonder how much a 93 mustang would go for in 2002; it couldn’t have been that much, but I guess that is sort of a good thing.