History of the Police Force

@mriana there are no facts in Conscious Space where we are. Reality is an iconic interface. Therefore, I speak in allegory. If you are a true liberal, you would have the imagination to grasp what I mean. Deplorables can’t do that.

@sree again you’re making up stuff and derailing this thread. I’m getting rather tired of threads being derailed and off topic. Either talk about the thread’s topic or move on to a topic you really wish to discuss.

@mriana Ok ma’am. Forgive me for straying.

Policing began with dad. A cuff on the head and a kick in the butt to keep brats in line. Was dad brutal? You had better believe it. But not even mom was crazy enough to go along with the progressive idea of defunding dad.
I hear you but it isn't really similar. An impersonal force tasked with keeping order is much different than a fathers discipline.