Here is an example topic from a user

Hi there, this new forum tool is great!

Glad you think so!

PS: Mriana and John, that was also me ^
I’ll use that account whenever I’m testing tools from a regular forum member’s perspective.

Here’s just a test of the quote options.

It’s different and may take some getting use to. Oh wow! Live notifications too. Now that is cool.

What’s a “live notification”? If it’s cool, I want it.

lol OK you don’t have to be onsite to know when a post has been made. A notification will flash in the right hand corner of your comp, just as it does with news articles or FB posts.

Hmm, haven’t seen it yet. I’ll keep an eye out.

Just a kudos to CFI for upgrading this excellent site!

I believe the results are obvious by the enthusiastic participation of persons from various walks of life and perspectives.

Well done! :clinking_glasses: