Hello! I'm Rowena. I'm new here, and I'm here to understand and gain perspective on various questions I keep having about this mysterious life

Hello Everyone! I’m new here.

I’m here to seek answers to questions I regularly have about the meaning of life, whether God exists, why is there so much suffering, why is life sometimes unfair to some etc. etc.

I hope to connect with like minded people who will be able to give me their perspective on my various questions.

Happy to be a part of this forum :smile:

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Welcome to CFI.

The meaning of life is what you make of it and as for the idea of God, most of us here are humanist/atheists/freethinkers/non-theists/non-religious… As for suffering, I believe humans cause the suffering themselves and bring it on each other, outside of nature. Nature itself can cause suffering too- ie COVID-13 pandemic.

I don’t know why life is unfair, but I will give you my philosophy on that. Everyone was promised a rose garden, thorns and all. Life is very much like a rose garden, IMO. I love roses and nature. I can see the simile in a rose garden and life. Life has beauty and it has thorns, sometimes more thorns than beauty. One’s first born child is a numinous experience when you first hold them in your arms, but the bills the hospital (humans) impose on you for having that baby are thorns. A healthy baby is beautiful and while a sick (nature caused) child is still beautiful, the illness is a thorn. The list of examples goes on and on, but it’s how I see life.


Ms. Pereira. This can be a bit of a lions den. And I can be a bit of a lion tamer :slight_smile: which means I can stand by you. Unfortunately I can be a bit of a lion too…

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Martin, I read then and thought . . . . . . . :roll_eyes:
Then it was nice to see you fill in the rest of the story. :wink:

rowenapereira I welcome you and look forward to hearing your ideas and questions. Please do step up and start some threads, new perspectives and discussions are always welcome.

Warning, a good many of us regulars are boomers, as they say, so you gotta take that into consideration. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hello Mriana, Thank you for your response!
I appreciate it very much.
However, very often I am left wondering why some people will just go to their graves with so much built up sadness and grief, whereas on the other hand some are blessed and are able to live a meaningful lives.
I may sound silly, I agree, but why do you think the world functions this way? Why does there have to be any form of suffering at all?

Hello Martin. Thank you for your response! I appreciate it very much.
But could you elaborate a bit on what you just said.

What in this context is the Lion’s Den, and who is the lion, and who is the tamer?
Is God in this scene that you illustrated?

Hello There :slight_smile:
Absolutely, haha! In fact, I’m here to seek answers from the boomers. :smiley:
I’d rather call your lot - “the wise and experienced” and not “boomers” (primarily because on social media “boomers” is used more like an insult).

Happy to connect with you all.

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Ms. Pereira (Guyana?). Our family doctor described me as a benign control freak. Myers-Briggs (one step up from horoscopes) came up with ‘shepherd’.

This site has multiple dimensions, the mediators being at least as benign and less controlling than me. I have a fiercely rationalistic bent, hence the bit of a lion. Calculating, fact checking, challenging. Anyone, without fear or favour. Anyone making a claim. Anyone attacking human frailty. Which easily spirals hypocritically out of paradoxical control. But like everyone I want to be loved.

I was also a fundamentalist cultist for nearly 30 years.

So I know that the Devil is a roaring lion, but don’t worry, you’re safe here thanks to the mods. I yearn for God, but have to face the cold light of day without Him. He is still a habit of mind I talk with. So I’m sympathetic and I hope empathic. I’m more of a worrying sheep dog than shepherd.

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I was born 1955, just a couple months ago in some YouTube comments dialogues I started getting hammered, from a few directions, for being a “Boomer”. My problem is I’m a bit of a scrappy dude and come at me with some bullshit and I’m liable to do my best to shove it right back and down the punks throat. So my humor gets a bit twisted.

The Boomer thing is pathetic and say more about the speaker than the recipient,
besides my sad comeback to all that would be: “well at least I got to experience the good years.” with a big raspberry smack on the forehead.

Can’t tell you how much that reality hurts me, especially when I’m hanging out with my grandkids `2 1/2 & ~1/2. I’ve learned to totally switch off the future thinking thing - because I’ve lost all trust in our future, and every day that’s still nice and good, is worth cherishing.

In the end, we each have just now to live, so I try focusing on that.

Have a Happy New Year.

Looking forward to some of your stories in 2022

for the record for all you young ones, we used to be called


and we were the envy of the world.
For good reason too.

It’s a shame we never had the sense to protect and nurture what we had. :pensive:

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Hello and welcome I hope to hear your debate ;D.

@rowenapereira I don’t find it silly at all and I’m sure many other people wouldn’t.

I think there’s suffering in the world just because of the nature of being human. Humans feel physical and emotion pain. Maybe you mean, “Why can’t everybody be nicer to each other and realize that peace is better than war?”

That’s a darn good question. People experience pain to a different degree, and other people react differently to bad things, and other people have more “bad” things happen to them, and yet other people can have many bad things happen to them and still feel peaceful and blessed, in my opinion.

Some reasons off the top of my head:

  • People are different
  • Many people’s biology is different
  • Many people’s brains are different
  • People are taught different ways of coping when they are young, or not taught any coping skills at all

I can’t think of any more right now, but hopefully that helps answer your question at least a little bit. :wink:

Welcome to the forum.

@mriana Additionally, I think sometimes children are promised a rose garden, but without the thorns, which may cause unrealistic expectations that may contribute to unhappiness (or suffering) later.

Hi Rowena,

IMO, the human brain was a result of a chance chromosomal mutation that gave us a brain way too 0advanced for our own good.

Consider that humans are the only species that is able to ruin our own environment without any positive returns to the health of the earth.

Our brain has taken the original “fight or flight” and “hoarding” instincts and turned them into “greed” and “lust for power”.

This has made us an invasive species that kills everything that competes for resources.

The spiritual symbol for this is “the snake that eats its own tail”.

Ouroboros , emblematic serpent of ancient Egypt and Greece represented with its tail in its mouth, continually devouring itself and being reborn from itself. A gnostic and alchemical symbol, Ouroboros expresses the unity of all things, material and spiritual, which never disappear but perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation.

One has to have the thorns. There’s just no way around it.

It occurred to me the other day, when reading on how we can convince people to fight global warming, knowing that efforts won’t pay off for another 70 years or so. It doesn’t seem baked in to our mindset.

But, then, I thought about, what mindset? I read up on indigenous philosophy, or philosophies of villages that have survived many empires, they just keep going like they have for centuries. It could be laws and governments are shaped by ideas that don’t work, like selfishness and profit making.

How can selfishness even work if there isn’t someone willing to sacrifice? Is caring about future generations the real driver or civilization and progress? Could be. It doesn’t eliminate suffering, but it gives it a purpose.

Rowena, your Hello has generated a lot of attention. What search filters would you suggest people use to discover if they are like minded as you are?