Hello from Canada

Hi, I’m a middle aged guy from BC with an interest in science, religion, history, food, art and a bunch of other stuff.
I’m always looking to learn more and test how accurate what I think I know really is.
Thanks, Doug

Welcome to the CFI corner of the Internet.

Cool, another Canadian.
BC is the greatest place to visit - nothing is more awesome that driving through the mountains. I could do it all day (and I have, on trips to Fraser Lake way in the interior and to Vancouver.)
I share all your interests except art. I love art, but not the topic. It’s 100% subjective, and what is usually seen as great art is usually something I wouldn’t pay a dollar for (and that’s a Canadian dollar!)
I also share your interest in learning more and testing your ideas. I’m new here too, but it’s a great place to put your thoughts into words, which is something I rarely get to do on these topics in my regular life.