Human Beings

If there is one impossible thing on this planet, our home, its comprehending the vast uniqueness between each and everyone of us. an understanding, that seems to be just out of reach-
from our minds, to our physical appearance and all that in between- the differences of good or bad of belief or fact- im always stuck in a permanent awe or amazement in thought of our differences
in comprehending the causes, from environment to genetics and how everything factors into a role of some kind, in shaping who we become. its boggling to say, how can we possibly ever get along
all 7 billion+ of us?
we know (all of us) that its a fact, when we are born, our growing brains need to be fed. A Clean/Blank, uncorrupt state of mind, born blind to the ways of mankind!!! clearly, the ideals and beliefs of our
parents or caretakers, are the start/beginning of who we become. As a child, our imaginations eager to absorb and create, yet understanding is not yet developed. A Child’s trust in her/his parents
is the opportunity religion uses to plant its ideas- those of lessor education or common sense most likely to cultivate that idea into a full grown tree of belief/faith- it is, the most simplistic method
of belief, that is easiest for the simple mind to understand the world in which they live on-
My complaint is to be in a continual state of growth

My complaint is to be in a continual state of growth
That's more than a complaint. That's a description of why things have gone so dreadfully wrong with our society. Fact or fiction doesn't matter to faith-based dogmatists who hate free thinking and fact based minds and the people who possess them. Unfortunately it's the faith-based dogmatists with cups overflowing with hatred for others - who are the ruthless drivers that will stop at nothing for their personal agendas - and the free thinkers are too busy with their own lives to become the cohesive force that the Christian Right and the Oligarch who use them are. So sad, so self-destructive. :down:
My complaint < we all should adhere to facts and facts only- in guidance, growth and understanding-
I think this quote is a little short-sighted. Facts are important, but dreams are important. How did that old song go?... "Teach your children well. Their parents' hell will slowly go by. And feed them on your dreams. The one they pick's the one you'll know by. Don't you ever ask them why. If they told you, you would cry, So just look at them and sigh, And know they love you..."
My complaint is to be in a continual state of growth
Depending on where you put the punctuation, that could mean a couple of things. Either, you should listen to your priest and give him money (I'm assuming "him" since you used "father"), or doing that is a waste of time. I can't figure out how you go from "facts prevent war" and "wars are caused by religion" to "recognize your priest". So, I don't think you are doing that, but it's not clear that you aren't. Are you?