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Lets try to bring some reason in this world , becoming god is NOT attaining superpower,becoming god shall be to become master of our own destiny …so as a human our aim shall be only to increase our ability to live a happy ,successful life and inspiration to present and future generations. First thing is to acknowledge there is no god , second thing to make our selves ready to face the world ourselves by becoming confident ,happy and satisfied . This requires tiny steps ,patience and belief in ourselves. Either the family of your birth teaches you this quackery or Often the unhappy, failed ,unsuccessful ,directionless people are drifted towards religion, in the short term finding refuge in religion during our difficult times is good ,it is like placebo ,we feel that somebody is there who will take care of us and in the end we start to feel better , but in long term this is harmful for the whole humanity . Islam,christianity,Hinduism,…all are product of this long term harm than has been forced on human civilisation since thousand of years. in the end all are same ,all teach false unproven facts with no logic to any fact.