Hello everyone.

Hello everyone,

My name is Charle, and its been three months since my last… oh whoops, wrong forum.
I’m a professional animator who works on making cartoons for children. I hope to one day work on an educational program to make learning fun for children, and hopefully encourage young minds to think critically and employ rationality in their everyday lives. It is my stance that faith schools serve only to deny children a proper education and indoctrinate them into a dogma of non-questioning and blind obedience to religious authority. I dream of a secular world, and a promising next generation.

Uh, 2 drink minimum. Maybe a ginger ale or 7up with a cherry in it for you.

Hi Charu, were you ever indoctrinated in a faith based school? If you were, what faith was that? I was educated in a school run by Catholics (La Salle Brothers) all the way to Grade 12. There were kids of other faiths in my class. I was one of the few secular kids. There must have been some Catholic students but I wasn’t made aware of any. There were no prayers, no mention of God or Jesus. If there was any indoctrination, it must have been very subtle. The only symbol of Catholicism was the white habit the Brothers, who were the teachers, wore. No one asked me to convert to Catholicism and I graduated high school without becoming one.

Hello everyone. My name is Dan but everyone calls me Soda. I have a deep interest in the universe and always have since I was a child. I do know what I consider a lot about it but as you all know when it comes to the universe, the more you know, the more you don’t know. It is a vicious circle I tell ya but I think that is what keeps me coming back for more lol. Nice to meet you, and I hope I can learn something here, have some discussions about it with some people whom have as many questions as I do. To be 100% honest about it, mainly because there is no one around me (or ever has been for that matter) that has any interest in the subject. Cheers

Welcome Charle and Soda. I imagine that each of you can be enjoyable participants in the Forums discussions.

Hello and welcome.

Hello! Nice to meet you! I’m new here, it would be interesting to talk. I am a teacher in a kindergarten, I have two daughters and a son. In my free time I like to draw, go camping and travel. I will be glad to talk, have a nice day!

We keep it pretty lively here, between religion and politics, with the occasional travel story.

Hope you enjoy.

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