Has anyone heard of this book by Thomas Frank?

This is five years ago, but it’s great history of what led to Trump. The Democratic party stopped listening to its base. I’ve been a liberal the whole time, and no one I know has mentioned this book. The book is called “Listen Liberal”. We’re not listening. The leadership is actively courting the “Creative Class”, which the working class now calls “woke”, because the Republicans offered them a solution to this problem. Their solution is destroying the Middle Class, but Democrats are letting it happen.

I can excuse myself in 1978, not knowing this was coming, and maybe even for another decade or so as I tried to work my way up to home ownership. I actively did the things I thought Democrats should do, like promote caring for children and bridging urban and rural divides with community gardening. I bought the right cars and shopped in the right stores. But hoping that everyone else sees the world like I do is not a strategy.

The first few minutes, the intro and a little into the speech is worth your time. I was hooked for the whole thing.