Governor DeSantis - Republican's toddler thinking & consequences - "Don't Say Gay" foolishness

A new Republican-backed law in Florida will repeal Disney’s special tax status, resulting in a property tax increase of up to 25% for residents of Orange County. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains how the move comes as GOP retribution for Disney’s opposition to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

This is what delusional malicious thinking will accomplish.

Guess it’s time to spare a thought for the beast in the Florida Governors mansion. This story seems to offer a good summary of where we’re at with the guy. It’s tough wrapping my head around how any balanced American can love someone like him, or the MAGA who made him possible.

I mean these are transparently ruthlessly self-serving frauds, liars, and worse, deeply malicious, and an outrageous self-serving-entitled-petty breed. But perhaps that’s just how the world works, the most ruthless, malicious, utterly lacking any degree of conscience, or sense of duty toward our nation and its people, wins - because the decent people simply don’t care anymore.

Yada, yada, yada, move along, nothing to see here.

May 4, 2023 #RobDeSantis #GOP #RightWing

The Florida governor has used his power and pulpit to squelch dissent, attack a free press and target reporters… while creating a safe space for his own political brand. But, Mehdi says, that very brand could also spell failure for his 2024 presidential bid before it starts.


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And yet there are plenty of people who think the exact opposite of him and in fact elected him to be governor, and possibly some day potus.

Which group is correct and more importantly, why? With all this crap that’s always the thing I come back to.

and the Nazi’s did great things for Germany too.
Why did they get such a bad name?

A lot of people also believe that letting every grievance saturated, pissed of right winger own an AR-15 is the American Dream.

How do we decide who’s correct?

I guess that’s when we have to consider goals.

Is one’s goal to live in a civil save society,
Or is one’s goal destroying American society and handing our government to the highest corporate bidder?

I think Chris Hayes summed it up nicely in this thread Neil M. Gorsuch joins Supreme Court scandal parade - #3 by citizenschallengev4 when he said his thinking on the change that’s occurred over the last few decades is a “complicated emergent phenomenon of an open society”. Not everybody can process that. For people like DeSantis, it seems like he’s just going for power by using hot button issues to get a block of voters on his side. But, you can’t prove that, and people believe him, and maybe he believes himself.

The question for me is, are there “plenty of people”? Let’s say it’s as much 1/3 of the human race that are beyond being reached. Maybe that can be improved but it’s not going to happen overnight. Still it’s still a 2/3 majority. A lot more has been done by a lot fewer.

You miss my point I guess. Who defines what counts as a “civil society”? Who determines what constitutes destroying society, and determines that it’s a bad thing to hand the government over to the highest corporate bidder? Corporations by and large are authoritarian institutions, so I guarantee there are powerful people who would like the government to work that way too.

IMHO the answer unfortunately seems to be, might makes right. I don’t like the idea, but it sure seems to be the way thing work.

I used to argue more on the internet, and was surprised how many times the conversation led to that point. I would point it out and it didn’t seem they quite understood what I was saying. They would continue to argue they were right, and they didn’t need to provide any additional evidence or explanation, and they weren’t sure there was a way to determine what’s true anyway.

I’ve tried to learn how to dialog over the last few years, but it’s a hard thing to do via the internet, even with a well-intentioned person.

I enjoy the academic discussions of what is moral or what is civil, but they can be just as unattainable as what is meant by “sin” in the OT. Todd May wrote a book that I just heard of, that attempts to show how to be simply decent, instead of a sage, or achieve some sort of perfection.

A society of laws, cooperation, rather than bullying.
dialogues built around respect for actual facts, and appreciation for knowledge.

Sure some people think fight clubs and world wrestling association and smashing heads is the coolest. But is that a model for a society?

Anything can be justified, criminal activity isn’t even a stigma anymore, seems like every wise guy out there feels like it’s their right to break any law. That is not a civil society.

Sure, I won’t be arguing that point with you. :wink:

Yup, look at what’s happened to our Supreme Court Justices, the silent hostile takeoff has succeeded pretty well, now we’ll get to see how well they hang on to it.

Oh and I don’t think we’re disagreeing over anything, so much as kicking the tires, so to speak.

ain’t that the truth .

Sounds like good advice.
Reminds me of a lyric from Sinead O’Connor, “Be good, but not too good.”
I always liked that line, it nicely captured how I felt, still does.
Not that the sage and ideals ought to be ignored altogether, foundations matter.

And that’s a good example of might makes right. Not the “bullying” stuff you mentioned. They fought a coordinated, sustained, dirty and probably illegal fight and got their way. You and me say their immoral and anti-democratic. Right wingers say the ends justify the means, take it or leave it.

Well, come on, that works up until someone does it to them.

I’m not sure why you say what the Supreme Court is doing isn’t bully? Refusing to recognize that a woman is more important to her family and society than and unborn fetus? Stripping them of sovereignty over her own body and self defense needs?

Hell read Thomas’s own words, it’s all about smack down and revenge.