GOP - ¿ Free Speech ? - Ron DeSantis' War on Disney's Right to Free Speech

And what viewpoint is Disney corporation trying to convey to it’s visitors?

Ron DeSantis responds to Disney’s lawsuit, says it’s political. ?? Well da !
From start to finish the entire sorry episode is nothing but political. W.T.H.?
Now on top of all that politics, we have Disney legally defending itself against a fact-free unhinged extremist, anti-free speech governor.

DeSantis is a self-serving petty wannabe banana republic dictator, he has way too much power and has gone beyond the pale. We are a society of laws and norms. DeSantis has no respect for those Laws and norms he has sworn an oath to protect. It’s time our society and legal system reasserts legal norms.
DeSantis a symptom of the disease that’s destroying our society, right when some social cohesion and mutual respect and trust is going to become ever more important.

Steve Rattner offers up a good series of charts, facts and back story. Great primer for those of us who usually barely pay attention to Florida and its unhinged governor. It makes for interesting background as this BDG goes into the stretch.

Apr 27, 2023 - MSNBC
Economic analyst Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe to discuss the ongoing feud between Disney and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and just how vital Disney is to Florida’s economy.

(Not that this is an endorsement of that particular news program, it is not. It’s an endorsement of Rattner’s reporting.)

More on that Disney Law Suit against Ron DeSantis along with the governor’s takeover of the Disney District Board.

Apr 27, 2023 - Legal analyst Dina Doll reports - MeidasTouch

Disney sued Gov. Ron DeSantis just minutes after the expected the flailing governor’s handpicked board declared a Disney-friendly deal null and void. Legal analyst Dina Doll reports.

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Thanks for the post. DeSantis is a real conundrum from the Libertarian perspective. The recent tort/insurance reforms are wonderful. But the Woke War stuff is so ridiculous that it would embarrass the vast majority of any state not known for “Florida Man” judgment. His state deserves him; the nation does not. And I hope Mickey Mouse wins this lawsuit.