Galloway v Hitchins 2005
Who do you reckon won this one?
I am no fan of Galloway. He has posed as a polititian whilst taking every opportunity to self publicise. His attendance record at The House Of Commons was not good and thus his constituency was poorly represented by him. He travelled the world speaking in favour of vile dictators. He was / is certainly no friend of the USA. He often uses his Catholicism as a cloak of good.
Nevertheless in the hall Galloway seemed to carry the audience and I agree with them. Galloway was more aggressive and Hitchins a bit timid, though it could be argued that he was more calm. Hitchins never seemed to recover from the point that he had a different opinion of the second Iraq war to that of the first.
There was and is a lot to hit Galloway with and I was disappointed with Hitchins. Not all that long after this event Hitchins was aware that he had a medical problem.
I remain a keen supporter of the mind-set of the late Christopher Hitchins, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Kauss.