Free Market does our oceans

It’s so weird listening to libertarians bitching about climate scientists and their work because at the root of their fears is that conviction that climate scientists want to rob them of their beloved “free corporate market” -
the joke is they seem obvious to the self-destructive self-cannibalizing nature of this beloved free market system that’s convinced itself endless grow is a possibility, and that survival of the fittest and damn the rest is a great way to live one’s life.
Guess my point is - here’s what the our free corporate market system on Reaganomics steroids has gotten us.
Exhibit one:

Silent Ocean - Perspectives on Ocean Science University of California Television (UCTV) Uploaded on Feb 7, 2008 For time immemorial, humanity has looked at the world's oceans as a vast unending sea of resources, but imagine a Serengeti where the elephants and the lions are gone and the top consumers are termites and locusts. That is what is happening in the ocean. Join Dr. Jeremy Jackson* as he considers the biological future of the oceans in the context of accelerated human disturbance. Series: "Perspectives on Ocean Science" [7/2004] [Science] [Show ID: 8555] *

Another problem with libertarians and especially conservatives is that they see an ulterior motive behind everything. And that’s because they themselves have an ulterior motive. Because they’re on the take, they just assume everyone else is.