Forbidden science?

After a near death experience in 2006, I was perplexed with what happened to me during the 20 minutes I was electrocuted by 220v. After 14 years of research and two prototype devices, I have discovered a way to contain and concentrate the energy denied by mainstream science.

The difference between my invention and the works of others, (Tesla for instance) is the invention of the three capacitors. When placed inside the device in a geographical area where the energy is ample, it will concentrate a high level of the energy. Enough to make it useable.

During the second experiment, we had significant results. We were able to contact the other side.

Potential for this device is endless., including healing, life extension, accelerated enlightenment, weather control (possibly climate change), remote viewing (this occurs instantly), propulsion and interdimensional travel, just to name a few.

Most of our hypothesis showed positive results. Sadly, I have exhausted every cent I own chasing this.

Further tests need to be conducted. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know.

Test your invention under high voltage towers. There is lots of random energy floating around those structures. Saves on electric bills.

Once again W4U comes through with an excellent suggestion.

I’ll be sure to stay tuned.

and grounded.

Welcome “time4bath”, did I read that right?
“Forbidden science” it sounds so titillating.

Time 4 bath? Are you by chance a desert rat, so to speak? I could imagine after that experience searching out places with low probability lightening.
And the time4bath reminds me of some characters I’ve known out there in the badlands.

Looking forward to hearing more of what you have to share about your experiments.

I truly appreciate your kind words. I expected to be ridiculed. No, I am not a desert rat however, I did spend a year in Kandahar Afghanistan where I discovered the healing properties of this energy.

The two prototype tests were done way up in the mountains. We actually towed a 25 foot trailer several miles past any roads or trails. It was very exciting. The second test took over 30 days and there was six of us.

After spending four days assembling the device, it took another three days to fully charge. Then things got very interesting.

A goat materialized with a flash in the middle of the dried river bed. Two of us witnessed that event. We had trouble grasping the significance or even if what we saw actually happened. We were over 25 miles from the nearest ranch or house. The goat was very confused and ran in several different directions before deciding to run due east. And it ran hard. It looked terrified.

Then there was the light show. It was like a laser beam shooting out from the ground and exploding a hundred feet overhead, covering a half mile area for exactly 63 minutes. After the 63 minutes, it stopped suddenly like someone just turned off the switch.

This was just the beginning.

Looking forward to the rest of the story…:astonished:

The goat gives this report a bit of a joke flavor.

You came very close to the right place.

Try this

Oh, and, welcome to the forum

Thanks, and thanks for the tip!

Forbidden by whom???

These are my thoughts: You need to wire up your testicles to a 12v car battery until it’s drained. Those big jump lead crocodile clips will bite a bit, but that’s nothing. The concentrated energy cannot be denied. You need to insert the three capacitors up your rectum first. As your R&D budget is gone on acid I’ll happily source a battery for you from up the Amazon if you supply your address here.

Just in case . . . . . . .

HEALTH & SAFTEY WARNING ! - CFI FORUM does not endorse, nor condone, the suggested experiment.
Do not attempt without parental permission, supervision and an EMS squad on standby.

Hahaha! I might have been insulted but I read your other posts!

It was perhaps a tad unthinking of me to joke insensitively about electrocution.

Time4bath: I have also been electrocuted by form 120v. to being hit by lightning. I think the worst was 15000 v. on the other hand maybe 240 dc. charged capacitors of a ruby laser device. Ouch. it burned a path threw my whole body. I still have the scars on my finger tips. Electricity is dangerous. Has anyone offer help in your research project? Maybe I could offer some help. if you like. I am self funded for my own projects and have a policy where the inventor of there own work is theirs and theirs alone. interesting Thomas Edison made a drawing of a device that could contact the other side. Thanks, Tom - Oh, I totally understand Forbidden Science. I have been doing just that for Years. That is why I am trying to change the view point of Term used to describe forbidden usable Energies.