For the love of God dept: 103-Year-Old Genora Hamm Biggs Banned from her life long church

What a weird world we’ve created for ourselves.

103-Year-Old Georgia Woman Banned from Her Church BY NEWSMEDIAON SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 MyFoxAtlanta reports, Genora Hamm Biggs has-been worshiping God for the past 103 years of time of time. A 103-year-old woman was banned from her lifelong church for criticizing her pastor. “To say Union Grove without mentioning Genora H. Biggs would not be correct", said the Rev. James Clickscales, who pastored the church from 1989-1996 and is retired from the Elbert County school system. The ouster has spurred a feud between the revered centenarian and other congregants in the tiny church. She became a member 92 years ago. “I haven’t seen anything like this before", she said as she shook her head. “I’m here to stay". Biggs, meanwhile, said nothing will stop her from attending the church. “How can we sit back and watch something like this go forward?" When the police refused to remove Biggs, Mattox decided to take matters in his own hands. Further, she may not attend the church “for any reason what so ever". Union Grove deacon Glen Jackson of Elberton said Thursday that those who signed the letter will not comment on Biggs’ removal.
Centenarian Banned For Criticizing Pastor's Preaching Style ham biggs/tt-AAel4F7?form=PTTWNE Fox 5 Atlanta reports that 103-year-old Genora Hamm Biggs was banned from a church she attended for more than 90 years after disagreeing with the pastor's preaching style. After repeatedly criticizing Rev. Tim Mattox of Union Grove Baptist Church in Elberton, Ga., Biggs received a letter stating that her membership was revoked. When she tried to attend, the police were called on her. Biggs has been attending the church since she was 11 years old and served as its secretary for 40 years. Biggs says she's hoping a lawyer can resolve the dispute, but until then, she plans to return each Sunday.

God I wish Jesus would just return already and smite these aholes.