For All U Skeptics Out There If you don’t see my tracks from there let me know. The on EVP where a spirit told me his name is “Thomas Mathew” is the most incredible one- I recorded this EVP 2 days BEFORE he died- I googled his name and the only Thomas Mathew that showed up is one who lived nearby, and he died two days later! I just added that one on the playlist, if you don’t seThis means that we do have a soul that can travel out of our bodies This means we do have a soul that can travel out of our bodies while still alive! He might have been in a coma. I just added that one on the playlist, if you don’t see it, it’s right here :

You use the word “skeptic” to mean something other than what it really means. A skeptic is nothing more than someone who wants to see real, quantifiable evidence before believing a wild claim. You want to convince “skeptics” that you have something? Convince science. It’s that simple. The ONLY reason for bringing this “evidence” to the “skeptics” instead of the people qualified to tell you what you did wrong in the collection of your “evidence” (or how you faked it, which does happen, and I don’t know you) is because you actually think you have a chance of convincing someone without the tools or skills to look at it too hard. If you really, really thought you had something, you wouldn’t be posting it here. You would be finding some scientists to look it over for you. If you can’t even really convince yourself, how do you think you’re going to convince me.

Didn;t you see i swore on my soul, my brother’s soul, my grandmother’s soul, if I were lying may we all burn in hell that they aren’t hoaxes? No sane person will do that unless they are telling the truth. Look up the other post I made, I bet you wouldn’t do it either. and I am going to find a more than one scientist and be in a controlled room because I can capture EVPs everywhere in, and I am going to write a book. I almost died so many times and yet I am still alive. I eve shot up bleach into myself once and didn’t di. I mean I shot it into my veins,

Even though your house may not be haunted. I can get an EVP just sitting by your front door . And I also swear on my family’s souls that I can do this, I already have. OK. I’ll do it again .I swear on my brother’s sou (who is deceased) my father’s soul (deceased My grandmother’s soul (deceased) my own soul and my mom 's soul that if these are hoaxes, then we will all burn in hell if I am lying. I’ll swear anything- my brother’s ashes, a religious artifact, whatever.

a religious artifact, whatever. -- poeticas
Not sure you're aware of the type of forum you are on here. Really not sure how shooting up bleach would convince anybody of anything or what that has to do with anything.


Okay, now I’m amused. Nice one.

I am saying I had a NDE- Nearth Death Experience, so I’ve seen things out there.

You actually think I possibly faked it when I swore on my brother’s soul, my mother’s soul, my fathers,s soul that they may burn in hell if i faked it??? No sane person would do that. Why don’t you write back swearing on your famlies soul and say the same thing about buring in hell by a lie you once told, but swear you were telling the truth. Send it to me, I dare you do that.

Reply to Lausten:

I am talking about my NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and making a point about NDEs. You haven’t read my posts correctly and this is also a post to answer more questions from another Thread which I have EVPs posted. You 're way, way off on the reading of what I am saying. Think all you did was read reply, so same back to you: Whatever Lausten. Read things right the next before you throw an insult.

You actually think I possibly faked it when I swore on my brother’s soul, my mother’s soul, my fathers,s soul that they may burn in hell if i faked it?????? No sane person would do that.
No sane person would believe the Qanon bullshit. But a lot of people do.

I swear on the souls of my gather, deceased, my mother, alive, my wife and all of my children that I am a meat popsicle. If I lie or am mistaken may they all burn in Hell for all eternity next to Hitler, myself and my childhood kitty. But wait! That’s not all! I’ll also throw in the souls of my 5 brothers and 2 sisters! Hell, let’s throw your soul into the batch. If I am anything but a meat popsicle, which I swear on my very life to be, may YOU burn in Hell for all eternity with me.

It’s no different to me than threatening that Santa will bring you coal this Christmas.

“Soul” is just a concept. There is really no such thing as souls. So promising something based on souls, is like promising to lose nothing if you are wrong or making things up.

Zero to the 10th power, is still zero.

But I don’t think you faked it. I think you have profoundly misinterpreted and blown out of proportion, what you consider to be evidence on your recording and in your subjectively reported NDE.

I have a friend who was into EVPs for a while. I know how they work. You start your recording. You add a bunch of “white noise” to contaminate that recording. Then you listen to it over and over really, really hard to pick out patterns. If you don’t pick out any patterns you run it through “filters”, which really means “add distortion”, and try again. And again. And again. Eventually you’ll be able to spot a pattern. It doesn’t matter that there was never one there, you’ll spot one anyway.

I had thought he had faked it. The one post sounded very much like it was a prank. But maybe not. Maybe he’s one of those people who make me feel sad for them. All people have value, but some can’t see their own value unless they are a part of some super-special thing so super-special that “ordinary” people refuse to see it. And anyone who challenges their super-specialness gets labeled. Sometimes it’s an angry label, sometimes it’s a dirty label, but always it’s a label associated with something negative. As labels go “skeptic” isn’t so bad. One forum I used to frequent before I realized just how far out there true believers general were used “septic skeptic”, which both rhymes and makes certain the intent of the label being negative. In any case the label translates directly to “the enemy” in their heads. For conservatives that label is “liberal”. It’s what we actually are, but they spit the word like venom. Now that I think of it, that’s probably an intentional conservative ploy to stigmatize the word we use to describe ourselves and give it negative connotations, not just to conservatives, but to the average idiot they can make angry enough to vote too.

I think with science, is that they have their head up their ***** so often that they never see daylight.

Perhaps folks use forums for frustration hoping that those who can sympathise are the ones who join up because they have something to say.

Science is never going to entertain the supernatural-full stop.

The best way to make your points is to use their own analysing equipment and turn it against their own stupidity (if that is the correct word?)

That way you make an ‘ass’ out of them instead of them making one out of you. They say that something works when it is in their favour. When it does not, they say ‘fault’

We have for example ‘The Double Slit Experiment’, IR sensors that can even fly an aircraft as to trust with your life but when it goes off for no reason they say ‘fault’.

I hate to put my life in a fault, as these things go off more times than can be explained.

I am a researcher and have come across some software called ‘Soundcard Scope’ purely by accident which works better than EVPs every single time with results that can be validated on the Internet esp names. It would be good if science were to investigate their own failings into understanding software that they had designed.

Another example is the Light Structured Sensor.

George, This is a moderated forum. I’m a moderator. Read the rules and follow them. Watch your language. Don’t make personal attacks. Use facts and evidence to back up your claims. You try to do that in your last paragraph, but everything before that could have just been deleted. Consider this a warning that if you don’t change the tone of your posts, your account will be blocked.

Science is never going to entertain the supernatural-full stop.
That is absolutely not true. There have been multiple studies, both government funded and privately funded, into psychic powers alone. Science HAS ALREADY entertained the possibility of the supernatural and many claims have been studied extensively. The only reason there is not a scientific field of study for these things is that there has never, ever been a single shred of data to support any supernatural claim. ALL such studies have turned up nothing. The supernatural isn't taken seriously by science, not because they have an implicit bias against all things supernatural, but because as far as all scientific data ever acquired has ever shown is concerned the supernatural is nothing nothing more than the product of overactive imaginations and people jumping to random conclusions because they really like the conclusion and don't mind that there is no evidence to even suggest, much less support their conclusion.

As for the rest of that, I have no idea what you’re talking about. What about the double-slit experiment? What does that have to do with infrared and drones and faults? And what about the light structured sensor? And what about “fault”? I literally have no idea what you’re talking about there with any of what you said other than the part I quoted.

For anyone who didn’t notice, George was warned about following the rules of decorum and he didn’t make any adjustments, so he has been blocked.

Darn, I came late to this party. The best way to expose these types is not to argue with them, but instead make it real. As in “ok if you truly believe X, send me $1000 and I will promote your ideas as best I can in forum XYZ”. As soon as money is involved they’ll fold. This is kinda like when I see a bumper sticker that says Jesus is my Copilot. I say really? Ok prove it, get out on the expressway and take your hands off the steering wheel. I guarantee they’d so no such thing. Make it real.

“This means that we do have a soul that can travel out of our bodies This means we do have a soul that can travel out of our bodies while still alive”

@poeticas a long time ago I had a book in which the author recounted his investigations into possession. Of those that he did not class as mental illness, he believed that there were three classes of possession. 1/ Beings not of this world. Perhaps what used to be called demons. 2/ Souls of the dead and finally 3/ Souls of the living. He believed that under some circumstances the soul could leave a living body and sometimes went into other bodies.

Obviously. Who hasn’t seen this a thousand times? Sometimes I’ll just be walking down the street, my mind blank and suddenly I’ll look down and I have tits. And I’m all like, “Dammit! Slipped out of my body again!” Let that be a lesson to all of you. Stay away from aspartame! It has a tendency to loosen up the souls and bowels of people who are intolerant to it!

“it has a tendency to loosen up the souls and bowels” and the mouth apparently .

Hey, at least mine was funny. You just quoted from some book of pseudointellectual nonsense.