final season of TV version of GOT nearly here

I said above “I wonder if there is any role left for Bran.” Ha!

“I said above “I wonder if there is any role left for Bran.” Ha!”


Yair. Bran’s a mystic, in a world which includes dragons, magic and gods; the Lord of light and The Faceless God were especially terrifying to me.

There could be trinity; Bran as wisdom , Tyrion as voice and Ayra as power . Now THAT would be interesting. Of course, one of the old gods would probably kill Bran, at least.

Let me know when u have seen the final episode. I’d like to get ur take on it. Supposedly a lot (millions) of Americans (impromptu) took off work today to decompress from GoT.


Yeah, OK. I hope to watch it tonight. Would love to have an idea of how much profit GOT has and will generate as it gets sold on. Do you think they will sell box sets in mp4?

People took time of work? Really? Wow! Do so many Americans really not have a life?

The first time I can remember so many people so engrossed in a TV show was with the original version of "Roots’’ in 1977. I must admit to becoming absorbed by some TV shows. Most recently was ‘Star Trek; Discovery’ which I think of as Star Trek for adults .Same with the fantastic remake of “Battle Star Galactica” (arguably the best sci fi series of all time)

Was just reading Huffpost USA; “enraged GOT fans-------” I mean, really? Is it just me, or does that deep concern seem just a teensy bit fracking shallow? What are they going to do? Stamp their little feet, or perhaps hold their breath until they turn blue?

I heard that counselors were available and charging $50 an hr to help people deal with the aftermath of GoT.


“I heard that counselors were available and charging $50 an hr to help people deal with the aftermath of GoT.”

Not surprised. Some people have the emotional depth of a petrie dish.


Saw it last night. Liked most of it. I was on the money with Bran and Tyrion. Didn’t see Jon killing Daenerys, although it made perfect sense. I also thought his going to the Watch, then north of the wall with the Wildlings quite appropriate. Ayra going off on some kind of a quest was unsatisfying and I think lazy writing.

Also a bit confused over the council, having Brienne and and especially the cheerfully amoral Bronn. ( perhaps my favourite character) I heard Sansa say 'The North shall remain an independent kingdom" , but could not quite understand how she got to be Queen of The North.

Overall, I thought it was fine .There was no way the writers could please everyone, especially the precious little flowers who need therapy to overcome their deep disappointment at not getting their own way.

I think I can see why some may not have liked the last episode. A lot more happened than usually happened in most other episodes. However, the loose ends were all tied up in a more-or-less logical way.

.Imo, there was nothing dramatically jarring, and I remain satisfied with the series, as one of the better ones in recent years.

I liked it also. The Lords showing up out of nowhere seemed a bit off, but no biggie. Brienne is actually royalty, so I can see her being in the line up. I think it was appropriate that she became head of the Kingsguard and finished Jaimie’s write-up. Devos was no Lord, and he even questioned his own having a vote. Bronn was owed and got a Lordship, tho odd that he got Master of Coins. Sansa being the oldest remaining Stark (with jon banished to the Black watch) and her getting permission from Bran for the North to be an independent kingdom, made her Queen of the North.

Tyrion’s speech was especially important, I think, when he said “What unites the people? Armies? Gold? Flags?.. Stories. A good story cannot be defeated.” I saw Danaerys’ death by Jon coming, when he was talking with Tyrion about “Love is the death of duty.” and then one of them suggesting can “Duty be the death of love.”?

I thought Danaerys death was tragic but necessary. I felt bad for Jon being banished to the Blackwatch to spend the rest of his life anguishing, tortured, over whether what he did was right. But it was. He was really the rightful King of the 7 Kingdoms, but it would not have worked out so well if he were King. The cycle of pure autocracy would have continued. (Funny how Sam got laughed off his feet when he was proposing democracy.)

I was good with Arya going off into the unknown West. She was never going to fit in as a Lady, maybe not even as a Kingsguard. That is not who she was. Her literally sailing off into the sunset like an iconic old western gunfighter protagonist seemed quite appropriate to me. But she was always my favorite character.

It was a great series, best in TV history, imo. And now our watch is done. Valar Morghulis!

Valar Morghulis!—one of the wallpapers on my Imac , along with a few other GOT images I like.


Great series? Yes, but not my favourite. My favourite is the superb remake of ‘Battlestar Galactica’. I try to avoid superlatives; my opinions are subjective and likely to change.