Is"the mother of dragons" doomed?

NO specific spoilers.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Daenerys Stormborn has become a bit [more] unhinged? If so, that suggests some more plot ‘tidying’ to me. IE she is not long for this world. Her remaining dragon’s long -term survival is looking decidedly iffy.

I’m beginning to think Jon Snow might end up on the Iron Throne.

What does anyone interested think?

I didn’t see this thread til now. I didn’t know u were a GoT fan. I thought it was only me on this forum. Danerys’s slide into “insanity”, I saw coming as a possibility in the episode before last. I was not surprised that she went nuclear when she did in the most recent episode. She is the daughter of a “Mad” King. Jon Snow is from the Targaryen bloodline also, but his mother was a Stark. If I had to guess, Jon will ultimately take the throne. But who knows? There may be a surprise in store for us yet. After all, there is that common saying: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”


Yair, have seen every episode so far. I must admit I enjoyed the first few episodes more the last few. Most pleasant surprise; the death of Little Finger. Most unpleasant, last week’s horrific death of Lord Varys . I went right off Daenerys when she did that. Quite unnecessary, except as a plot device to telegraph how mad she had become.

Recently god hold of the first five books in audio form , read by Roy Dotrice, excellent British actor. (died in 2017) Haven’t started yet, waiting until I’ve seen the last episode.

The whole series has the feel of a computer game to me; romantic, but vague setting, complex plot, lots of interesting characters, a lot happening. Do you think it will be released as a game?

Idk about a GoT game, probably.

Enjoy the audio books. Martin has not even completed the last 2 books. What we see in the final TV episodes is in the unfinished books. I don’t really understand how they can do this.

Is this about the Game of Thorns, er Thrones?

Yeah. The TV series just concluded. So it’s too late to avoid the spoilers if u r ever going to watch the series or read the books.

Nope haven’t seen it, just trying to figure why the New York Times seems to get be obsessing over it (I get a daily summary emailed to me) for the past couple weeks.

Then I noticed its being talked about everywhere it seems. Then I heard earlier today that Americans are all pissed at it for not having the patriotic ending they were expecting. But isn’t it a fantasy never never world thing? It’s one of those things (reading Lord of the Rings with my daughter back in the day is about the last of my fantasy thing - I am a stick in the mud about some things) I’m not interested enough to pursue, though I’m sure curious, in a short attention span kinda way. :wink:


Looking of a succinct, perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, summary - if anyone wants to give it a shot.

to get = … seems to have gotten …

The setting for GoT is presumably Earth in some time before our current history, an ancient civilization that was roughly about as advanced in most ways as a healthy bustling middle ages civilization. However, there is still some supernatural stuff going on around the edges. The story is pretty much about the characters in this world of 7 kingdoms and those characters involvement in the attainment of the Throne to rule over all of the 7 kingdoms. The game of thrones is the interplay of heroism, deceit, wars, alliances, etc, etc, etc that is involved in the pursuit of gaining the throne. A major side issue, is that while this game is going on, something of incomprehensible evil is also emerging in the world. And a long winter is coming.

I also heard about some ppl wanting the final season to be re-done, because they didn’t like how it turned out. I don’t think it had anything to do with patriotism or anything like that. I suspect that their problem with it had more to do with their wishes and expectations about how the plot would ultimately unfold, were dashed.