'After Life' with Ricky Gervais

I just finished watching the Netflix series, After Life. It’s pretty good, but there’s a scene where Ricky’s character does something I wasn’t happy with (to do with the co-worker who delivers their newspaper to apartments).

Anyone else watch the series and find that part a bit too dark for their comfort?

The rest of the series was good. I hear they’re making another season, but I can’t imagine what it will be about

That is pretty dark. I’m not going to endorse it but I think they showed his intentions and inner thoughts on it. It was what the guy asked for. It would never pass an ethics board, and I think that’s why they choose that situation. They wanted something that a god-fearing person would find repugnant, but if you strip away all the moral judgments of him (the delivery guy), he was just a guy in a lot of pain.

Ya, I know both characters were in a bad place and them being together was a recipe for disaster, but, egads!, did it have to go that far?

Maybe, since I don’t know the pain associated with losing a spouse in the prime of life, I can’t empathize with his mental condition. Maybe more people would do what he did if they were in exactly that situation- it’s impossible to say.

I just know it made me uncomfortable and tainted my view of his character a bit after that. Hopefully they deal with the effects that has on him in the next season.

I just used my 3 days-off to stay out from my Apknite company and watched After Life by Ricky Gervais and it’s amazing.

It touches on a whole range of topics but they are usually in line with the rhetoric that Ricky Gervais spouts here and there.

It gave me a deeper insight into having existential crises and how sometimes a single thread can be what holds someone’s life together.

This show really resonated with me and it’s a quality production.