Falun Gong

Oh boy. I don’t know where to start. And you thought that the Evangelicals are a messed up, powerful, end-times proponents that influence our political system.

Falun Gong believe that Trump is destined to bring on Judgement Day. And their hidden agenda is to help him do so. Folks we are screwed. Facebook, (yes Democracy is still getting facebooked, aka, F’ed) Twitter, and Utube are hosts to the biggest financed proTrump propaganda machine outside of actual Trump campaign organizations. The Epoch Times, who self market as being oh-so-unbiased, oh-so-truthful, oh-so-anti-fake news, has been around for awhile now. They reach literally billions of people around the world daily. They spread pro-trump and anti-trump-opponent conspiracy ideas. Qanon is mixed up with them.

The Epoch Times has a smooth looking website and newspaper. Many Americans (they apparently esp. target the over 50 crowd), I imagine, have probably already been solidly influenced by them.

They want to overthrow the Chinese govt. (Falun Gong is a religious group of Chinese people who want and believe that Judgement Day is coming any time now, and that all Communists will then go to Hell.)

It has been reported that The Epoch Times is Trump’s favorite newspaper.


I got an ad from them, pretty flashy, but it took a little research to figure out they were biased.

Trump literally just said these words to some reporters (amongst all sorts of other of his on-going BS): “…I am the Chosen One…” (to take care of the problems with China).

I thought this would be another one of those alerts that wasn’t that big of a deal, but the way he turned and looked to the sky, holding up both hands, pretty scary. He’ll say he was joking around. Rush Limbaugh would say “that’s a joke”, then say, “I do that for the lawyers”.

Sam Harris has a talk about how, if a President were to make a speech and claim he had a revelation in a dream and was going to set policy based on that, people around him would start working to remove him. The talk is about the craziness of religious speech. I think we are into the bizarre fantasy world where Trump could do that and nothing would happen.

I imagine that the Falun Gong are tremoring with delight at Trump’s seeming validation of their belief that he is destined to bring on the Judgement Day downfall of “communist” China.

Meanwhile some western conspiracy theorist is retweeted by Trump, saying that Trump is so beloved by Israelis that he is essentially the “King” of the Israelis. So the Evangelicals can wallow in their own end times dogmatic beliefs with Trump as a champion.

Holy shit. Didn’t I warn this was going to be worse than we can imagine? Looks like it’s coming to pass with a vengeance, that’s what liberals get for taking their eye’s off the ball. Damned that arse-hole Clinton, or should I say “Mr. Reagan Lite With a Twist of Left”. Obama in his own way was just a pathetic and clueless and too self-interested to appreciate the historical battle he was in. He totally dropped the ball and allowed the further disintegration of the Democratic Party as a power. And I thought the grand professor, they say he was, would have been aware.


Tim, I’ll be honest I’m not going off to look it up Falun Gong, because the description here tells me enough to know - it’s a head-clamp buster and don’t need any more of those.

But, tell me, is anyone that matters waking up and doing anything that matters? Or is it just more fodder for late night comedy news therapy?

Are any f’n Republicans having enough of this shit yet, or have they all been snared and hog tied?

Are any citizens looking like they are having had about enough? Or is it all going through that normalization thing they have going on?


In a nutshell, I would say it’s still a toss up, as to whether we will get out from under the Trump reign of terror. But my latest optimistic meme is “Hope is the hero. Fear is the foe.”

I think that there really is a standing and a potential for a greater groundswell of activists and voters to sweep in a replacement of the intolerable current (so called) administration.

Yet there are so many things that could go wrong. The Trumpists are as brainwashed as ever for the Donald. The Republicans are all P-Whipped into doing Trump’s will and being obsequious in their devotion. (P stands for president.) The forces of lies, propaganda, manipulation and power brokering seem to be as strong as ever, even becoming more audacious in disregard of truth and what is acceptable.

Maybe you could take a break from it all, til the nominees have their next debate. It may be that only 10 qualify to be in it.


Hope is a survival strategy in hopeless times. I hear ya, bro.



You know I don’t even care about the nominees - Them Democrats are still fighting last century’s wars - the real problem that needs to be resolved is the sad fact that Liberals Got No Soul. While the Faith-Blinded, are totally disconnected from physical reality, but they got passion like a steamroller.

And until Democrats face up to that, along with facing and understanding their string of grievous failures and start defining themselves - we are fuuuuucccccckked.

Now they did away with the Colorado Caucus, which really pisses me off since it slaps me with yet another layer of impotence, that was my one chance to get out there and try to button hole real political people, but it’s all been a failure. Folks are only interested in keeping the price of their gasoline low (if you know what i mean).


April 13, 2018 Memes Courier - Colorado Democratic Assembly 2018 - Intellectually Confronting Faith-Based thinking




Well, it remains to be seen whether the left can find its “soul”, whether they can find a candidate, this time that can call it into existence. But they are going to have to find a way around the deceptions and sociopathy of the right. Truth is under siege like I have never seen before.

I haven’t seen Tee post lately. I hope she hasn’t given up on the forums. I would really like to see her take on this Falun Gong group, if she has one.

Agreed. The attack is so much the worse, because so few seem to care about it.

Agreed re Tee.


It’s not a dream. This kind of stuff is really happening.

I was on youtube listening to some oldy musical artists, and an Epoch Times Newspaper ad kept coming up. It is a slick commercial that really pours on how terrible "Fake News " is, and how, oh so pure, and not fake The Epoch Times News is. They say it oh so believably, too. I think the falun gong acquired the paper like maybe 15 years ago, but for sure, in recent years it has grown and has seemingly been accepted as a decent paper, before this very recent story came out (as reported by NBC). IOW, the Epoch Times are the evil that they claim to be countering, but they successfully present themselves as the good guys.

The Epoch Times, I had been watching for a while…but I actually didn’t realize it was founded by the Falun Gong! Holy shit!

The Falun Gong is socially conservative… I guess that’s why they like Trump.





I get the idea that there are groups out to gaslight us, and they’re being often successful at it. And in many cases, the influence was never expected or even noticed.

CC: I brought up the Epoch Times in the context of Falun Gong, almost 1 year ago. As you can see in this thread.