False equivalence and double standards.

We’re all human, those of us who feel passionate about things we believe, well, we’re passionate. If getting ignored by the drone for too long and a fist pound on the table happens, so be it. So it goes, and it does silence and get attention, so now we can move on. Doesn’t mean we think that’s a good way to behave, simply that extraordinary circumstances often require extraordinary responses.

If you’re tired of slanderous insinuations and return with a little literary bitch slapping, it happens. That’s where a touch of humanity comes into (humility, capable of self-deprecation - after all in the end, we’re all just fools on this bus.). I can take the slap shots and usually ignore them. But I’m assuredly not opposed to jabbing back now and then, when the circumstance and temptation becomes too much.

But then there are those who use the bitch slapping and the baiting insinuations as a honed weapon. Thanks to the likes of the ruthless Seitz, Singer, Lindzen it’s been developed into a Marshall Art for power politics in the streets and on the web. Science by insinuation, distraction and willful ignorance.

They can practice it nonstop - but woes if you smack them back - they will cry and complain and distract yet more - after all that IS their number one goal: distract from what we are trying to constructively learn about. All they want to do is confuse and sow hostility, learning is nowhere in their lexicon.

Oh and pointing that out, will only result in more howls of victimization as they continue artfully playing their games of obfuscation.

It goes well beyond this board :expressionless:

"Truth Isn't Truth": Giuliani Borrows from the Climate Denial/Tobacco Company Playbook


By suggesting that “alternative facts” are just as valid as actual facts, he attempts to pull off an all-too-familiar scam

By Gleb Tsipursky on August 21, 2018

… Yet a closer look at Giuliani’s underlying message shows an underlying and deeply strategic approach to undermining the truth, similar to the kind of tactics used by climate change deniers to obfuscate reality. …

The moderator, Chuck Todd, responded: “Truth is truth.” Then, Giuliani said: “No, it isn’t truth. Truth isn’t truth.” Giuliani went on: “Donald Trump says I didn’t talk about Flynn with Comey. Comey says you did talk about it, so tell me what the truth is” and then added “we have a credibility gap between the two of them. You’ve got to select one or the other. Now, who do you think Mueller’s going to select? One of his best friends, Comey, or the president?”

Let’s unpack that exchange. Giuliani’s first statement conveyed that there are many versions of the truth, and denied the existence of any underlying factual reality.

Todd pushes back, saying “truth is truth,” referring to truth as what physically happened in reality, independent of anyone’s interpretation or spin. Giuliani disagrees, stating “truth isn’t truth”: he denies the existence of anything that really happened, implying that it’s all about different interpretations and the one who determines the interpretation wins.

He uses this denial of factual reality to defend his reluctance for Trump to testify. After all, once Trump’s testimony is on paper, …


I think that the assault on Truth is the most critical issue of our time.

False equivalencies are among the most odious of tactics, imo, of this assault. Tho the outright use of lies that are called truth is worse.

As far as the board goes, there is an ignore button if someone gets your goat often and you can’t refrain from responding. Ignore buttons generally keep you from seeing what they post. The only will power you need is to refrain from trying to peek, which may cause you to respond.

As for the dotard, I change the channel every time he starts blubbering. I don’t know what he says unless it’s on FB or in an article in the Wash Po or something. I can’t refrain from ranting when I hear the dotard uttering a plethora of lies. That and his voice racks on my last nerve, along with his lies, which is every other word. So I either change the channel or turn off the TV.

The Ignore Button here at CFI. God forbid. *

Regarding the dotard, yeah head vises aren’t enough anymore, we’re living the Twilight Zone these days. It huurrrrttttss too much to look directly at this train wreck anymore.


  • How would I ever write nifty stuff like this :wink: without ‘them’ :slight_smile:

Dissecting and describing isn’t easy as it seems.


As a moderator, I can’t ignore anyone, but most forums have an ignore button. Maybe I should look into that and see if we can get one for members. IMHO, it could help if people don’t over use it. Of course, forums that have these buttons can’t ignore mods, only fellow members.

Yeah, skipping over him, as you listen to Rachel Maddow’s podcast doesn’t work as well anymore. You have to look at his kindergarten pictures and hear some of it to believe it. I sometimes think kindergarteners are smarter than he is. They are certainly better educated. However, what the dotard did is illegal. It’s illegal to put out bogus weather forecasts like he did. Of course, he’s always doing illegal and questionable things which put people in danger or even kill them. He still doesn’t even realize he’s the [fake] president of Puerto Rico, denies the actual death count, and refuses to help them recover from the hurricane they had. We know why he’s treating the territory like he is though- he’s a racist, sexist, xenophobic, egotistical, hypocritical, bigot and doesn’t give a damn.

Illegal but in America his illegalities and outrages keep mounting up and it just seems the insanity is simply being normalized. Nothing to see here, move along folks. We have such a docile apathetic public for the most part, feed them TV and fast food and they’re happy.

Did you see the NOAA came out with a statement that they had said the hurricane could make it across FL, pick up steam in the gulf, and hit AL? It’s not false, however, basic fact checking here once again. They said that late in the previous week, and the odds were low. By Sunday, when the tweet was tweeted, the models were strongly pointing toward the shift up the east coast. The NWS was correct in it’s statement reassuring AL that they would not be hit. The facts can be correct, but the order of them occurring shows Trump was not paying attention. As we all know, he was golfing.

Another illegality, but as long as he controls the Repubs in the Senate, he is not only above the law as it applies to everyone else, he is beyond removal from office by impeachment.

@Lausten https://s2.washingtonpost.com/1802bde/5d741a52fe1ff64568ba2375/bXJpYW5hMUB5YWhvby5jb20%3D/22/47/36e23ad0cdf74296e4f6e505b5c4d75b NOAA has a lot of scientists upset with them for supporting bogus science.

Does it make a difference? Regardless of whether evaluated on a bend, Trump still gets an A+ for being the best liar in political history while every other person gets a F-in examination.

Excellent point.

Seems most Americans are happy to laugh it off with the evening comedy-news programming. Then hope that someone will fix it…

Can you grade a lie an A+ if it’s so blatant that it’s obvious without even checking it? Biggest inauguration crowd in history? Most attacked president in history, claimed RIGHT AFTER our first black president? Hell, I even know the catch phrases he uses when he’s lying by heart. If he says, “People are saying”, he’s about to lie to you. If he says, “Believe me”, he just lied to you. Any time he uses one of his “special” words such as “beautiful”, “great”, “disgusting” or any other word which describes something in an extreme way he is at least exaggerating.

He’s really a terrible liar. He just does it so much you don’t have time to fact check them all.

He is a prolific liar. And no matter how pathetically constructed or how obviously inconsistent with reality, over 30% of voters BELIEVE or otherwise accept his lies. If he were not such a liar, he would not be POTUS now.

He is not a person of quality. His compulsive lying is only one of his many manifestations of poor character.

You’re preaching to the choir here. Every time I hear someone say that he will go down in history as the best president ever I get a little nauseous that my fellow man is really that damned stupid. He’s going down in history as a cross between Richard Nixon and Adolf Hitler, the most shameful period of American history in my lifetime.

Agree, agree, agree.


I thought this was interesting:

“People weigh secret information more heavily than public information when making decisions,” they wrote. A 2004 dissertation on jury behavior found a similar tendency. When judges told jurors to disregard certain information—once it was deemed secret—the jurors gave it more weight...

(Trump) recognizes that people accord less weight to information that nobody bothers to conceal. If shooting someone were that big a deal, the reasoning goes, Trump wouldn’t do it in full public view.

The logic works even better when it comes to Trump’s comments about Ukraine and China. Most Americans know murder is against the law. Whether inviting foreign meddling in an American election constitutes a “high crime or misdemeanor,” by contrast, is less well established.

By openly inviting such meddling, therefore, Trump sends the message that it’s not that important. If it were, he’d have kept his request a secret.

In other words, one reason Trump is able to lie so brazenly is that he lies so brazenly. Most people can’t and don’t, so instinctively think, “Well, it must be true.”

Upon reflection I know I do that in my own life. I’ve believed some big lies because I’ve thought, “Nobody would lie about something like THAT. It would be so obvious.”




Yes, he lies brazenly. Also, he always accuses an adversary of something that he himself is actually guilty of so as to distract from his own guilt. Also he lies repeatedly until the lie sticks with some. Also he lies a lot by using unbounded hyperbole.

Trump is the culmination of years of pseudo-information peddling.

A High School, now on facebook, said, “So, he took money from Russia.”

? What do u mean, a High School said “So, he took money from Russia.”?