Fake church excommunicated pope

Hello. Been writing an article most of the day about “Byzantine-catholic patriarchate” which is a … fake church in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. They pose as greek-catholics.

Recently they started to have some activities in USA.

Best resource on their activities in English:

What they do most of the time is spreading hoaxes (about New World Order, Freemasoners, autogenocide of Europe, islamificaiton of Europe, pro-russian propaganda).

If you find any information regarding this group, recommend to stay away from them, and dont trust any sort of information they spread.

So what’s the deal with them? Why are they doing it? What are they trying to achieve? Who’s behind them?


The “patriarch” Elijah Antonin Dohnal is registered as a “collaborator” in Czech lists of STB. When they were forcefully deported from Ukraine, it wasnt immigration or police moving them out of country, but Ukrainian secret service.

However I dont know direct answer to your questions, only these indications.