War on Christians

Christians are the most persecuted]
I’m a little lost on how to refute this one. I’m pretty sure the data does not support the conclusion, but they whip up some convincing numbers. I searched for one the sources and didn’t find it, which makes me suspicious, but that hardly passes as a counter argument. My simple answer is that there are more Christians, therefore more opportunities for persecution, and I’m betting they are counting only one side of ongoing battles. They seem to be counting attacks on missionaries, but the language is slippery, so I can’t tell. If you are going into a country with Bibles where it is illegal to bring a Bible, obviously you will get attacked. That could be called violently opposed to Christianity, but it is very different from persecution.
They also count Korea, well, I count every citizen in Korea as persecuted, so Christians aren’t special there. It also seems most of this is taking place in the Southern hemisphere which has a very different brand of Christianity. This author wants to lump all Christians into the homogenized Americanized definition of Christian so he can claim brotherhood with the oppressed, but my guess is he would not set foot in any of their churches.

There needs to be a standard definition of persecution. Many Christians count any resistance to making this country a Christian theocracy as persecution. Freedom of any opposing belief, or religion other than Christianity is also counted as persecution.

This is just their latest tactic. Saying anything counter to their statements, to them counts as “persecution”. And boy they love persecution - makes’em feel closer to Jesus. They’ve literally turned things around so badly that saying Christian owned company XYZ can’t discriminate against Gays is a form of persecution and intolerance according to them. As usual, I’m pretty sure Jesus would be ashamed.

Burn them at the stake. Feed them to the lions.
Whatever works. :lol:

Christians are the most persecuted]=
If the new style pushy Christians weren't such absolutist monsters, with their war one science and rationality, and everyone who disputes that they have a direct line to the Thee God Almighty perhaps they wouldn't be subject to such blowback?